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  1. I'm just getting into shooting to get food for my ferrets and been buying aas410 carbine was wanting to know a half decent scope to buy?? Got £150 for one maybe a little more one Atb ashy
  2. Ratcatcher

    Got any pics mate?
  3. 2 New Hand Jobs..!!!

    Looks good, I'm just on making mine
  4. Small Gill Or Hob Wanted

    Where u at?
  5. Connecting Long Nets Together

    I've never getting round to it yet mate been to busy
  6. Connecting Long Nets Together

    I'm making all me own nets mate
  7. Connecting Long Nets Together

    You will need to cut the two nets as you do need knots for this way to work. If the ends of the nets do not have knots it can be hard work and a hell of a lot easier to cut the net. TC It hasn't got the knots, so do I just cut the net back a extra mesh so the knots are still on?
  8. Connecting Long Nets Together

    Yes baggin both the same mate
  9. Connecting Long Nets Together

    I'll give it ago tomorrow cheers for all the info mate
  10. Connecting Long Nets Together

    http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/339087-joining-two-pieces-of-net/ Cheers mate that's exactly what I'm looking for TC
  11. Connecting Long Nets Together

    Yes permanently was gonna make 100 yard but thort could just add that on and go again
  12. Connecting Long Nets Together

    I've just made a 50yard net and got a 25yard ( both spun poly is there any videos on a way to connect them. Thx in advance
  13. Nets Locators.

    I'm interested in long nets mate giz a msg when you get round to sorting them mate
  14. Night Vision For A Mrk 3 Ferret Locator Setup

    What sort of set up you after mate?
  15. Long Net Fibreglass Poles And Basket

    There's some on eBay basket £30 and poles £28 all posted