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  1. Big Brother Is Watching You

    "We've made mistakes". .."lessons will be learned"....ect ect ect....bollocks
  2. Last Of A Species

    Africa would be a better place without all them backward blackies
  3. Fukc sake Telford now

    From 10 to 20 mins was hard listening, what those little girls went through was/is truely horrific, branded with a letter M with a hot iron bar, tongue nailed to a table then gang raped, up to 50...50 moslem men violently raping and tourturing little white girls that they plied with drugs and booze and arrested the fathers and girls when they complained or demanded action....sickening
  4. working dachshunds

    How come my security blocks something from moscow every time I open this thread, anyone else get this
  5. Big Brother Is Watching You

    Just because we have born here terrorists doesnt mean we arent importing them, theres plenty here from the stinking shitholes in the M.E
  6. Big Brother Is Watching You

    What difference does that make
  7. working dachshunds

    Your english is better than my russian..thanks for posting
  8. Big Brother Is Watching You

    What... the London bombings didnt happen, Lee Rigby wasnt butchered on the street in broad daylight, those people in Manchester mostly youngsters wernt blown to bits by murdering terrorist scum, which 1 of these never happened or were all of them faked, what about the 1000s of murdering b*****ds that are being allowed back into europe after murdering their way around Syria, I wonder how thats gonna pan out.
  9. Big Brother Is Watching You

    I dont know why, are you denying its happened
  10. Big Brother Is Watching You

    No mate theyre f***ing with our privacy in the guise of so called security, we dont need a scapegoat we've got murdering terrorist scum walking our streets.
  11. Big Brother Is Watching You

    What security would that be, fill a country with murdering terrorist scum then use it as an excuse to spy on the citizens/subjects
  12. Speakers corner live

    14 minutes 4 seconds of bollocks
  13. Big Brother Is Watching You

    Same here never been on Facebook except having a look at other peoples that' on there
  14. wanted jagd puppy

    Are they really that bad my mate just imported 1