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  1. Porn. WTF?

    What a fukcing slag his mates mother sounds...!!!!!
  2. Terrorist Dentist

    Another day another muslim terrorist, no end in sight
  3. Bedlingtons

    Must be uncomfortable with all that coat clogged and matted like that
  4. Lucky Bred Pups

    True coursers = true wankers
  5. Coypu hunting

    Only in certain parts of the country, agree about it being too late though
  6. Weed ;)

    My sister has Parkinsons, she's tried a few oils with no success anyone know of a product specifically for Parkinsons, pm if preferred
  7. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Remember it well had 6 days off work because the council gritters were on strike
  8. Pieps box

    I tape up my Barryvox doesnt mute it but tones it down a bit I turn it off when terrier is located, never realised how many folk leave them on all thru the dig til lately
  9. Rotherham Sex Abuse

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5163281/84-men-convicted-grooming-young-white-girls-Asian.html 84% committed by approx 5% of the male population
  10. Brexit Thread Redux

    Fukcing traitors
  11. National lurcher racing club

    Some do both
  12. Bobcocks

    Nice litter that.
  13. Question for THL agony aunts

    Find out what he's got to say then decide
  14. Reality of global warming for apex predator

    I can understand film crews not getting involved with the daily goings on of the animals they film not to upset the balance of things but putting that poor fukcer of of its misery would have been the right thing to do
  15. Brexit Thread Redux

    Good enough for us.....