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  1. Dogs dinners

    Yes bud i chop heads off & put em in a bag in freezer for couple of weeks then feed with fur on. I always skin rest of rbt joint then freeze & some times feed frozen but mostly thaw em out first. Atb
  2. If meat eaters acted like vegans....

    Very good πŸ‘ vegetarians & vegans really piss me off with all there preaching etc good to have the ballance restored. Atb
  3. Dogs dinners

    Mine had diced venison & frozen rabbit heads last nite. Like to give em frozen rabbit heads when weather hot ( dog lollies). They’ll get all left over roast veg etc from todays sunday dinner with chkn backs. Atb
  4. Guess it will be 2 pups being kept back

    The deerhound mating should produce some very smart pups. Look forward to seeing some pics of litter. Good luck with your future pups. Atb
  5. Action man

    First time we saw it on telly me & my Mrs roared with laughter i think its hillarious & probably re booted sales in the a/m dolls. Atb
  6. Big Cat Sighting

    Think your prob right but in certain remote forrest areas who knows? Atb
  7. Big Cat Sighting

    Greyman I’m waiting for the day you prove all the doubters wrong πŸ˜‰. Atb
  8. Big Cat Sighting

    Good report/write up. As you say Hopefully wont be long now bud πŸ‘. Atb
  9. Our own art

    Shame you lost heart in it bud coz there really good. I’m always bit envious of people who have this sort of talent as im absolutely shite!! Atb
  10. New Pup

    Looks nice solid pup πŸ‘. Atb
  11. A Good Pick Up

    Nice looking pup. Be interesting to see how his bitch compares to yours as time goes on. Hope pups do yo both proud πŸ‘. Atb
  12. Beddy greyhound pups

    All look nice pups bud but the first pic of the fawn bitch would be my choice. Lovely looking pup πŸ‘. Hope they all do well. Atb
  13. Who is pie eater.

    Bloody hell Sandymere just whennyou think cant get any better you produce that head portrait!! Excellent one of best pics ive seen. Keep them coming bud πŸ‘. Atb
  14. Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    Cheers bud πŸ‘. Atb
  15. Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    Ferret 333. Lovely looking bitch bud πŸ‘ any more pics?? Atb