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  1. Getting fed up

    My mates got a perm in fields right next to farmers house & only access is through farm yard so confident no one else been on it. Last year we were shooting ( farmer hates dogs & wont allow any on his land) 15-20 most nites we went there. We only went every few weeks & left enough on land to keep goin back. Been twice this season & only seeing 1 or2 so left them hoping they recover. Farmer thinks weve done one hell of a good job But rabbit decline not down to us!! Atb
  2. Badger Cull

    Its on bbc what do you expect!! Atb

    Been watching this thread as i have a real interest in Deerhounds. Would love the bitch but im over dogged as it is with very little game on my perms. If i didnt have an 8 month pup on I deffo think i would be after it.But as no rbts here wouldnt do it justice. Hope they both go to good homes. Atb
  4. Getting fed up

    Same on my perms went out thurs nt & last nt saw 1 rbt sat on hedgerow & soon as lamp on it it jumped in !!! Very sad times. Dogs not had a run down here in weeks!! Atb
  5. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Hope you find something soon bud. Atb
  6. Couldn’t resist

    I was told at weekend that we currently have Rhd 2 strain here at present but in Australia theyve just released Rhd5 which also takes out Jack rabbits ( hares) so how long before we get that here? Others on here will have more info than me. Atb
  7. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Waiting for Greyman to comment. My personal view is there are a few genuine folk out there ie Greyman but an awfull lot of nutters & with everything the nutters mess it all up.
  8. why get involved??

    They should send Geldoff out there then they would see what fcuked up is!! Atb
  9. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Yeah i & pup were very lucky with outcome. Vet also said ongoing treatments etc wouldve cost a fortune & as my pup had never seen any work it would be easy adjustment to pet life where as when they no the score must be mentally crippleing for them not to run again!!atb
  10. Raw diet

    Mine prefer chkn necks to all other food & as said good for their teeth. Atb
  11. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Peterhunter 86. Sad outcome bud but prob best for dog & you in long run. I had a beddy x grew that had the same only 6minth old bitch they wanted ridiculous money for ops & said would never work so i said the same pts but vet asked if i would sign her over & he would take her on. One of the practice nurses had her as a pet. All the best to you & your family sad loss. Atb
  12. LYNX OR NOT??

    What a sad ending at least it had a small taste of freedom. Atb
  13. Thumb wheel

    Mick Dadds would be worth a call. Atb
  14. Much sought after

    Think title was a bit Tonge in Cheek bud 😉 atb
  15. Much sought after

    Jesus christ I just googled Felching to find out what it was........ dont think even Dogfox would fight you for that title bud 😂. Atb