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  1. 6 weeks to 6 months

    What size do u think he will finish up
  2. Knowing the right time

    My beddy whippet was 17 he started struggling for breath I new it was time did the same cryed all the way home he was a dog but a best friend
  3. Hessian bags compared to carry box

    When I was a lad my dad used to get my to sew an inside pocket in his donkey jacket and used cut the bag so there was only 1 corner just fit nice in his pocket and off we would go no one new where we was going them were the days
  4. Ray was a good friend until we disgree on someone putting non ped in ped whippets and it split the whole whippet racing and I never raced again
  5. Does any of u remember a dog called just dandy ray jones had him he was top racing sire

    Well I'm getting on a bit and had a triple by pass but got 2 beddy whippet crosses and I'll never give up lol
  7. bolting to the dogs.

    I do but most of them are 6 or 7 min long not enough lol
  8. bolting to the dogs.

    Northernite I love these videos the only thing wrong with them they should be an hour long
  9. Rabbiting Dogs

    Well for a start u don't want a rabbiting dog stuck on a slip all the time and it has to be steady round the nets there are a lot of lurchers that are always on a slip
  10. Few runs

    The meat looks dark probably the photo
  11. Few runs

    Bell that's what I thought lol
  12. 2 pice spade of full spade

    Is it full length
  13. Two piece spade/shovel

    Let's have some photos of them
  14. Ferreting in beaches.

    I can remember when I was a lad I took the old man's best hob ferreting without him knowing in a clay pit hole and he slipped his collar the old man went daft and made me dig for 2 days never did find the ferret lol
  15. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    Redneck I haven't go a problem with hancock dogs the only thing they could be better socialised better as I have said I've seen worse at lurcher blokes houses