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  1. Collie/whippet

    The pup I have is beddy whippet xcollie grey marking holes at 4 and a half months
  2. Collie/whippet

    This one of mine phil is a lovely shape could take a knock but a pain lol
  3. Collie/whippet

    I agree
  4. Collie/whippet

    Got a 3/4 whippet x collie would never have another one so nervous we got him well my misses did without me knowing he was 18 months he is fine with her but after 4 months still won't come near me a nightmare
  5. Getting fed up

    I travel back from Coventry to Birmingham at3 in a morning I see more round the fort shopping centre than I do all the way back
  6. Litter of pups

    Make good ferreting dogs then what size do u think they will make
  7. Litter of pups

    What is the exact breeding mate
  8. A bit of cover

    I have missed a lot like that now I put dog on slip the only trouble is the dog that finds them in the bushes is my best dog so having him on a slip defeats the object
  9. A bit of cover

    I find that the dogs go in and the rabbits come out and gone before the dog is back out
  10. Litter of pups

    So what's actually in the dam
  11. Litter of pups

    Any photo's of perents
  12. tv prog-yorkshire a year in the wild

    When was it on or is it on and what station
  13. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Sorry 5 and a half months
  14. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Got a whippet x baddy xcollie x grey at what age do they stop growing he seems small at 19 in at 4 and a half months I know the big ones keep growing till there 12 months
  15. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    What is he tts nice just right for rabbits