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  1. Use NOV19 at checkout to get an additional discount of 7% on all traps at trapbarn.com. Valid until 19th November.
  2. Hi, There's a new discount coupon at www.trapbarn.com. Coupon EXP13Jul gets you another 5% off Mark 6 rabbit traps
  3. Hi Thanks for the enquiry. I'm hoping to getsome in late next week or early the following. Cheers
  4. Mark 6 traps now in stock from £11.75 to £14.25 - depending on quantity.
  5. Hi Trappa, Marvellous sugestion and hugely appreciated. Which brand of mole trap do you recommend and which type scissors or tube? Cheers
  6. Socks, Is it looking better now? I'm still a learner when it comes to WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. The old grey matter is not so amenable to accomodating new concepts so bear with me an I'll get there in the end. You may need to flush your cache to see the latest iteration. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. Tom
  7. Thanks for the feed back guys . It is really appreciated and proves that a fresh set of eyes can always find something new.. I'll get back to work on it tomorrow. Cheers.
  8. The Trap Barn web site is now functional and to celebrate we have issued a discount coupon which will give 6.5% discount on all purchases of more than one Mark 4 Genuine Springer Trap. The code is exp30July www.trapbarn.com/ As we are just starting out we have set our prices at fiercly competitive prices - and that's before the discount is applied. We are intent on building a solid customer base and will reward buyers with the best prices and special offers from time to time. OK, we have a limited range at present but this will develop as time goes on. Meanwhile enjoy the deals!
  9. Now got my website up and running........ www.trapbarn.com tell me what y'all think.
  10. When I find a suitable manufacturer I will be expanding the range to go beynd traps.
  11. Yes. It certainly is delivery free. I am building up an Ebay prescence and hence the very competitive prices. There's also some freebies on the go if someone wants to buy 20 and can show me a competitor who can beat my price of £160 for a genuine UK made Mk4. I also hope to have my own website finished this week which will sell direct and cut out Ebay costs (10% + 3% for PayPal). I will let you know when the site goes live.
  12. Fair enough about the name. Just seems a bit misleading as the advert also mentions fenn but the traps are nothing to do with fenn. I have used both Fenns and Springers and found the Springers have stronger springs and need more force to open them during setting. This may be due to the fact that the springs in the Springers are annealed after forming but before final assembly. This relieves the stresses that arise during the forming process. The Springers are fully approved by DEFRA and appear on the STAO (2012) which is more than can be said about some of the other ones on offer from a an infamous chancer in Warwickshire.
  13. Never had an issue with that, but then I always use a tunnel with only 20mm clearance above the trap height when it is unset. If other users arn't getting clean kills then it may be due to their tunnel dimensions.
  14. One's Ebay account name can be anything one chooses. Also the listing cleary states that they are Springer Mark 4. I will also be listing Fenn Mark4's shortly along with DoC200's.
  15. Heads up, Ebay listing number = 142437581672 - Five for £45.99 - compared to £59.99. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fenn-Springer-Mark4-Rat-Trap-Squirrel-X-5-THIS-WEEKEND-ONLY-45-99-SPECIAL-/142437581672?hash=item2129f10368:g:64QAAOSwUIhZX0Am 142437573855 - Two for £18.99 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fenn-Springer-Mark4-Rat-Trap-x-2-SPECIAL-OFFER-THIS-WEEKEND-18-99-ONLY-/142437573855?hash=item2129f0e4df:g:hK0AAOSwy3NZXz-O If you want 10 or 20 contact me via Ebay. Thanks guys