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  1. Any German Wirehaired Pointer Lurchers

    Collected my little bitch last week. Cracking little lurcher pup. On the way back to Kent I was thinking at 62 most people are thinking of taking it easy.But Bolty is still researching and studying to get the perfect cross for a lurcher and pushing the boundaries just like he did with the jack russells.I've got three of his jack russells in the kennels and they're all outstanding. Well done Bern.I'll keep posting pics of how the pups progressing.
  2. Any German Wirehaired Pointer Lurchers

    That's why I've ordered one of these dogs. Bolt has done all the research and brainwork.looking forward to picking up my pup and bringing out the best in her.
  3. Any German Wirehaired Pointer Lurchers

    I first bought a dog of Bolty in the eighties and have had several since then.I travelled from Kent to South Wales to pick one of these pups. I know how much work and research Bolty has put in to them. I've got 2 lurchers and 3 terriers that work 5 to 6 days a week as I do pest control for a living. I couldnt pass up the chance of one of these pups to add to my team as I think they will make great all rounders for any legal prey. If you look at the breeding they are going to have plenty of brain speed and stamina. Looking forward to going back to South Wales to pick up my pup.Well done mate.
  4. Any German Wirehaired Pointer Lurchers

    Heard you found the GWP x bitch you've been scouring the country for and she's had a litter.Really interested in one of them, give us a ring I've lost your number. Cheers mate.
  5. Mark 3 Collars

    Anyone got a second hand mark 3 ferret collar for sale
  6. Bull Greyhound X Saluki Greyhound

    Sorry mate, this was meant for mad4it
  7. Bull Greyhound X Saluki Greyhound

    Hi, The live rat traps I bought were brilliant .Very effective. Will buy more .10 out of 10