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  1. Morning Stroll

    I really hope so in all honesty, would be great if he gets into it
  2. My son and I were up early this morning so after a visit to the barber's we went for a stroll up the farm. Liam has been out with me shooting rabbits but this morning was his first on the pheasants. He did well flushing them for me and we both really enjoyed our stroll in the rain.
  3. New layout

    I don't like it either I'm afraid
  4. Enforcer Flying Decoy

    I won some on a Facebook group and am not overly impressed, clips not working among some other faults. the bodies of the pigeons look good but glad I didn't pay for them. have read lots of people have had to do their own alterations to get them to work as they should.
  5. Scotland

    Couldn't you ask for a rematch in case you get a better result? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Long Range Pigeon

    I love it if I'm honest!
  7. Just been out for a quick hour with my .222 not much about so thought I would try a long range pigeon. now this was the longest shot I have ever attempted at 278 yards measured with the laser. strelok said I would need 12 clicks adjustment for elevation and there was not a breath of wind. I have never used a chronograph to check velocities etc and only used the information available from hornady when inputting data into strelok. I would say my rifle is performing very well without the need to reload. that said it is the most expensive pigeon I've ever shot !
  8. That's The Way To Start The Day

    couldn't agree more
  9. That's The Way To Start The Day

    all good apart from square plate, can't stand them for some reason
  10. Vixen This Evening

    it's my first centre fire rifle and it came with the rifle so have nothing to compare it too. I've never got too hung up on if one type is quieter than another to be honest, it seems fine to me
  11. Vixen This Evening

    it's a Stalon w110
  12. Vixen This Evening

    about 100 yards,
  13. went to one of my permissions this evening to try calling a fox, when I walked through the main gate from the road this vixen was sitting at the top of the field enjoying the sunshine. fortunately when I laid down I could get a shot over the fence which splits the field, and down she went. .222 50gr hornady
  14. Variation Times

    time to go shopping !
  15. Few Foxes

    now that's a good night's shooting