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  1. Scope question

    Dont over look the mounts, get bkl or sports match FF
  2. Scope question

    Thats how i always kept mine too. If you rezero is it the same amount of clicks and the same way? Have you put it over chrony and measured the fps? If not do that first, then the next time you have to rezero do a string over the chrony again if the fps has dropped again will be the gun. If you go out in the day do you still need to adjust zero? As in a previous post could be grease fail. FF
  3. Scope question

    I had this years ago with a hawke. Either the nitrogen had escaped the body/tube but this should also fog up inside. And would change poi in temperature changes, but big temp difference needed. But i heard it could be how the gun is stored i had mine in a locker indoors and the gun stood upright leaned back stock at the bottom. Its an easy solution, leave the gun out on its side then try the next day to see if the poi changes again. I had already got a new scope by this time. So i have no answer. FF
  4. outdoor ferret hutches and design ideas.

    This is what i got... works well. The only thing i paid for was the hutch £30. FF Only just seen post above was typing while it posted.
  5. Daystate mk 4 stock

    Thank you FF
  6. Seagulls...

    Ive lived by a river all my life... Common gull, black headed gull and the big old oyster gulls these are the massive ones like a 4-5 foot wing span. My dad had a boat moored down the river and the amount of s#*t i had to scrape from the gunnels as a kid. A building company has just put up about 60 houses up on the front and i took the kids down there for a walk. The amount a turd on the roofs is amazing, it looks like the bottles that have the candles in the top and the wax has ran down the bottle. Totally agree with all of the above posts FF
  7. Seagulls...

    Why the f#*k are these not on the pest control list? I watched a flock a seagulls on a field today munching away (what are they eating?) Ive also seen them eat a duck chick, push a buzzard off a kill and harrass song birds. Am i just picking on the seagull, i dont know, but they are a bird i really do not like. Almost arragant. Rant over, what are your thoughts please FF
  8. THL Meet 2018

    Where would it be? FF
  9. Daystate mk 4 stock

    Do any of you guys know if a daystate mk4 stock will fit a daystate regal action? FF
  10. JSB .177 heavy pellet users

    Would the jsb express's be good for ratting? FF
  11. JSB .177 heavy pellet users

    I only paper punch past 45 yards. I couldnt get a consistant enough groupings at further distances with the 8.44 grain pellets thats why my confidence lays with the heavies. FF
  12. Losing a worker

    Prospect ferret rescue (abit pricey) Wakefield ferrets ??? FF
  13. Losing a worker

    Someone must have something. Have you tried any rescue centers near you? FF
  14. JSB .177 heavy pellet users

    Cheers guys. Most helpful. But i did notice on si browns graph that the scope hieght is different can just about get a fag paper between scope n barrel. 37mm from center of barrel to center of scope. Does this mean (closer to the barrel) a loopier trajectory? Because the ft boys use high mounts (flater trajectory)? FF

    Very nice i like them alot. I saw a video on you tube "shooting at dawn" he bleeched a stock came out good too. Thanks for your reply FF