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  1. Tangled long nets

    Get someone else to do it. FF
  2. Footprint

    Have you been walking round bare foot and going in circles... Fox... running as no back foot print present. FF
  3. What was your BEST spring rifle shot of 2017 ?

    I think my best shot was a 40 meter rabbit in longish grass, with a weihrauch hw57 .22 leaning on a tree. FF
  4. Gas ran.

    It doesnt show me underneath... FF
  5. Ferret or shoot???

    Should i ferret or shoot tomorrow? Have been catching pregnant does and small ones. Have had a mate that has shot a few of the ground. What do you guys think? FF
  6. Sub zero ferrets

    Ive notice mine have padded out their nest box with pigeon feathers and rabbit fur. FF
  7. PCP’s gone , going back to springers

    What about a nice little 3-9x32 or a fixed mag x8 or x6. Would look good on a prosport. FF
  8. At last she's back home

    Youll get used to it... I have a simular scope on a regal, you get used to it. Get a sling and sticks or bipod. I shoot it at x20 mag rabbits squirrels n pigeon. Then x6 for rats. FF
  9. Squirell hunters

    This channel has garn too... I think this one was my favourite... Always good ethical dispatch and seemed like good honest people too. Shame. FF
  10. What FAC

    Has to be as rez has said. Just to good FF
  11. One out of each

    Out today with last years kits... They have been down holes before but this was a proper outting for them, Tried 5 warrens and had one out of each. (3 pregnant 1 really milky and 1 buck). After the youngens had bolted one and looked like, what to do know, i put my main worker in also (their mum) to hopefully show them what to do next. But no more rabbits out? Even though i thought she worked the warren well enough. None were tricky or difficult. Do pregnant does hole up alone? FF
  12. Antlers

    That would be great... Let me known if you want anything and ill pay postage or make a donation to a charity. FF
  13. Chinky PCP

    Looks like they have iron sights too? Im a fan of nice grain wood too FF
  14. Finished my gunrack

    Very nice... In the first picture it looks like the ironing board is also in it... FF
  15. Airgun gear show now gone

    I watched a video last night saying he might lose the channel. He said he has a website... WWW.AIRGUNGEAR.com or co.uk You can find his videos there too. FF