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  1. A bit of this & that

    Another good video mate. The dogs look like they love it
  2. How Many Rats Can These Mink and Dogs Catch?!?!?

    Great video. Great day had by allowing
  3. Out this morning

    Sounds like you your morning was better than mine, I've not been out with the ferrets since before Christmas. I no what you mean about the nettles, I've been waiting for a warren which is on a big mound of dirt that is covered in nettles, but it seems to be taking a while to die down, I've had to resort to the air rifle on that one for the time being
  4. Happy new year

    Happy new year everyone. Happy hunting
  5. Happy new year

    Happy new year everyone. Happy hunting
  6. ferrets and nets nicked

    Wankers. Hope all is returned soon. If you would like a new ferret for your daughter, I've got some of this years kits that are so friendly and have been brought up around to young girls, they are as soft as sh#t . I no I'm a bit far away but the offer is there mate
  7. Myla and Me on an Invite!

    Good to see you had a good day and myla learnt a thing or to
  8. Lost posts

    Where have all the over posts gone
  9. It's getting colder

    It looks like it's going to get colder, so hopefully there will be less cover soon. Ive got to new permissions but I've no chance off doing anything till the frost starts killing things off
  10. Think I Must Have Killed A Robin

    Sorry to here about your run of bad luck. If it was the duck then I guess they would all be going the same way. Hope your luck changes soon mate
  11. Too Windy

    4 is better than none mate. Good luck for the season
  12. Advice Needed!! Missing Ferret

    Good to see him home mate
  13. Been Out This Morning But To Windy

    I've also learnt how to post pics , apart from there side ways lol
  14. Went out this morning but to windy I think. Took my youngest daughter out for the first time , she is 8. She got her first rabbit She was buzzing
  15. Best Ferreting Morning So Far

    I'm out again tomorrow, same farm. Fingers crossed.