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  1. Squirrels

    I would be interested to see how it works, and may be have a go at it. Where would you even start
  2. Looking for advice.

    Thanks for the advice lads
  3. Looking for advice.

    Oh yes much more
  4. Hi all. I'm relatively new to the sport and I'm getting on ok with my gun, but my son has come home with an air rifle his mates dad said I could have. I took it out In the garden shoot one pellet and my god it sounded so bad I'm guessing it needs a new spring, can anyone give me any advice on the gun and if it's worth while getting it sorted
  5. First time out with the hide

    Where did you get the hide mate
  6. Anybody want some ferreting tomorrow

    Love to but to far for me
  7. Stumpy's first day

    Another good video, love the dogs
  8. Hobs for Jobs

    Cracking pics
  9. An hour out with the family

    Woke up this morning and the girls wanted to go rabbiting, so I said to them if we go they need to do all the work as I'm still out of action 😉 And they both said yes. So I let them pick which ferret they wanted to take, they picked bear after an hour of arguing 😏. Them the wife said she would come. So we got the dogs ready and of we went, f#%k it was cold. We went to a fram about 5 minute drive and found a 7 holer and set the nets and put ferret in. After about 2 minutes one bolted and it was full of mixy so I wasn't holding out much hope, then all of a sudden the wife said there is a rabbit and pointed behind a tree so I went to look and there was a rabbit trying to get out of a hole I had missed. It looked as if it was stuck, went to grab it and pulled it out with the ferret latched on to its rear end. Dispatched it and in the bag. Went to another warren and nothing home. Then the girls said they were to cold, so of home we went. so only one in total but we enjoyed it and that's one more in the freezer
  10. Marking bedlintons

    I normally use my Heinz 57 dog, I've no clue what he is, I rescued him at 2 weeks old and hand reared him, but just lately I've started useing my wife's Lhasa apso and she is the same, I have to tie her up because all she wants to is kill
  11. A lucky stray

    Well she is lucky to be found and go to a good home. Good luck with her
  12. Cushing’s Disease After Castration

    I got told the same thing from my local pets at home vet, but they were the only vets that I rang that did say it. They quoted me £110 each ferret for the implant
  13. Wild boar

    I feed mine pork, it's ok if it's not got the added salt, I get runt piglets from a pig fram . Some times they get it hole sometimes chopped up. So I guess wild boar will be ok as well
  14. More ratting with a mink and lurcher

    Good video. Lots of action for mink and dog.
  15. Ferret or shoot???