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  1. Myla and Me on an Invite!

    Good to see you had a good day and myla learnt a thing or to
  2. Lost posts

    Where have all the over posts gone
  3. It's getting colder

    It looks like it's going to get colder, so hopefully there will be less cover soon. Ive got to new permissions but I've no chance off doing anything till the frost starts killing things off
  4. Think I Must Have Killed A Robin

    Sorry to here about your run of bad luck. If it was the duck then I guess they would all be going the same way. Hope your luck changes soon mate
  5. Too Windy

    4 is better than none mate. Good luck for the season
  6. Advice Needed!! Missing Ferret

    Good to see him home mate
  7. Been Out This Morning But To Windy

    I've also learnt how to post pics , apart from there side ways lol
  8. Went out this morning but to windy I think. Took my youngest daughter out for the first time , she is 8. She got her first rabbit She was buzzing
  9. Best Ferreting Morning So Far

    I'm out again tomorrow, same farm. Fingers crossed.
  10. Best Ferreting Morning So Far

    Thanks arry although I feel young I'm 40 lol
  11. Best Ferreting Morning So Far

    As I've said before, last season was my first season working the ferrets and I had a mixed bag, didn't get many as I didn't really no what I was doing, I wasn't doing the nets right and I was to inpatient at times, I let the ferrets down. So over the summer I've been doing my homework. Sunday morning I went of to a fram I tried to ferret last year lol. I see the farmer and he put me in the direction of where he has see the most rabbits lately which is one of the warrens I've tried to do before, so I got there there and instead of going like a bull in a china shop I took my time netted all 15 holes sorted the ferrets out and had 7 , I was like a kid at Christmas. Then went to the next warren and had 5. It's all down to you guys who put all your posts, pics and videos of all your days out its helped loads. Thank you to you all
  12. Silver Ferrets

  13. Squirrels

    Thanks lads.
  14. Squirrels

    As the nights are closing in I really only get out at weekends rabbiting and shooting with my air rifle. , but my mate who I go with don't work so is out and about most days. Today he left me some squirrels in my freezer, I've never gave them squirrel before and wasn't sure if they can have them, he gave his ferrets some today and they ate them. Mine get a very big mixture of whole and raw but not squirrel as of yet. Any advice please
  15. Polecat Ferret Hob Wanted

    I have 2 of this years kits lef, but same as samuria I'm miles away