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  1. My opinion on folk who 'used' drawing dogs was they were into lurcher and terriers but couldn't be bothered to take em out separately .... Lazy fu*kers
  2. if I had two beddys mustard on bunnies I'd deffo breed em .... Could sell em then an get a good bull x 👍😝
  3. The Russians

    Trouble is Paul Sr, the Russians prob were involved in those wars....just on the other side .... Wheels within wheels and all that, we only know what we're told.... Either way I'd rather speak Russian than Arabic if it comes down to it 👍😂
  4. Border collie stud dogs

    Nowt... I was basically asking if there were a particular reason for using a merle other than colour ..
  5. Border collie stud dogs

    To be fair I'd be better off looking at it like that.... I wouldn't feel let down so often 😂
  6. Border collie stud dogs

    If I had the best bunny dog in the land... I'd still be gutted if it tripped over a Charlie and did nowt but that's just me and I ain't
  7. Border collie stud dogs

    Out of interest john dog... Why have you gone with a blue merle is it a good worker? Or you after nice colours
  8. Be the jealous bit that'd get it on my shitlist... Nowt worse than bloody dog that gets all big spuds when other dogs about.....especially When them spuds shrivel when it sees teeth lol
  9. Border collie stud dogs

    Only controversial cause they're shite 😂 ... I'd stick with Blackdog if it was me 👍
  10. Leavitt Bulldogs ?

    Any of you had a Bandog... They're some animal... I lived/worked on an estate till couple years back and had a Bandog as guard ... He was brill seemed to know who should and shouldn't be around... Had to let him go when I moved as he couldn't get used to downgrading 😂
  11. Leavitt Bulldogs ?

    The last bulldog I had was plagued with skin and eye trouble... Vets said it was food related and that lots of them get it now along with other probs.. Tried to sell us all kinds of stuff but raw food cured all... Seems a shame they not being bred right.... My one wasn't much good or anything but I know it would have died for me, I won't have another one as dog aggression became an issue and it's a pain in butt
  12. That's a good point and you've always got to outcross and I ain't got a decent answer for that 😂 ...at least I'm honest
  13. Recommend dog kennel & run

    I'll build my own when mine are knackered mate... They'll work out cheaper and be exactly how I want them...eBay however had lots of good new kennels cause I didn't have time to fanny around, look on there I'm sure you'll find what your looking for
  14. My boss Always said..kill the worst,sell the best and breed from the very best.. That was with sheep but goes for everything.... Except women maybe
  15. malinois x whippet

    I've had jacks mate they just piss off up to no good .. I've been keen on another lurcher for a while last I had was useless nutter that put me off for life, this cross seems quite rare but what you do hear about them is generally good,even on here lol ...To be fair I don't actually need a guard dog I just like a dog that will bark if some one turns up... My fat chocolate lab bitch been the best guard I had lol...she put my all my old dogs to shame..