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  1. Sickness bug

    I've lost 2 stone since December with 'bugs'.... All my friends think it's cause I'm such a hard worker, didn't tell em it was the shits doin it
  2. caucasian shepherd bitch

    what a way to go on, when dogs are like that life's just difficult, we had a mastiff that got funny over time and didn't realise how much of a ball ache it is separating dogs/people all the time until he was gone ... Never again
  3. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Was it hemming well? That estate name rings a bell sounds terrible... I wonder who's house I went to then
  4. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    So do I ... I can't remember where I went to his house but it was a big housing estate in Wellingborough, either way if your going tomorrow book Monday off work cause you'll still be talking
  5. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Finedon is in Wellingborough mate
  6. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    I went to his house to buy a pup around 8 yrs ago, never spoke to him since, the house wasn't a dump, dogs were in good nick, But I was there for F# ing hours getting lectured lol and he didn't like my mrs much at all ( neither did I though)
  7. Welsh vs Lakeland

    When you say Irish terrier,do you mean Kerry Blue? If so qJust search Kerry Blue, Either way there a big difference between the two... Bout 3ft
  8. Bullying.

    I was bullied at school until my old dear smacked me in the mouth for being a 'fanny' probably not something I'll be doing with my kids but it worked.... Me old man smacked me for fighting not long after.... Couldn't bloody win 😂
  9. The pups that are left

    Out of interest as I don't see many litters looking as well as yours. Would you say there is anything different you do with your dogs that most people don't ? (Ie keep them inside/different food )... only asking as always keen to improve, cheers and well done
  10. Antis maybe ?

    I can't tell from pic, but if it's an arable field they might be bug traps, the spikes were holding some sticky card to catch stuff on
  11. army dogs put down

    My in laws used to rehome retired police dogs, I wouldn't trust them let alone an army dog .... Too much previous history that people taking them on don't know about
  12. Getting fed up

    I have a theory with hares/rabbits etc.... When hares get bashed and run across fields, the farmers go out and wipe out all the hares, then rabbit numbers grow until said farmer realises they're too many rabbits and bashes them, so lads go after fox .... Same on same on.... I know it's " off topic " but it's a cause of it I think . Edited to say I meant in general, not anyone specifically
  13. I had a jagd up until recently. Was a 2yr old bitch, no idea of lines/breeding etc.i wanted one because they're nice looking.. No more no less... I gave her to my best mate (who still has her) as she was so soft she wouldn't even bite a sheep if it butted her whilst I was feeding in the morning... Sounds silly but I ain't got time to save a fanny dog while I'm on a roll lol. Obviously not saying they're all soft etc but they're not the terminators some folk think they might be. but I'm a sheep farmer not a " hunter" so it's just opinion