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  1. Media at their tricks, biased lefty f*ckwits

    Not sure why what they were doing has anything to do with driving without insurance (provided it wasn’t illegal which hunting rabbits obviously isn’t) Judge is showing clear personal bias and should be impartial. Was no need to even mention the rabbit hunting in the article. Classic leftie using a the media to push their own agenda. Bullshit.
  2. Best Till Last

    Great looking kits, I am sure they will do you proud.
  3. Ferret Finder

    Jim Chick is the man for anything to do with the old boxes.
  4. no 2 in the bag

    Nice write up, good effort taking the time to do so. I never mind leaving a few behind especially when they are so thin on the ground.
  5. Quick hour out this afternoon

    Size of that rat!!!! Monster
  6. Fed Up

    They sit out around here thick cover or not. Then the dog finds them and puts them under a bit of pressure until they go to ground. Unless the cover is really thick then he struggles a bit. But with out him I wouldn't have much hope at all Dogs looking great.
  7. Few Pics

    Nice looking dogs mate. Looks fairly moist up there!!!
  8. Left To Rot In The Feild

    I feel that! Best spot I had been going there nearly 20 years then for no real reason landowners let not one for 4 sets of rifle men with night vision start shooing and they near as wiped the place out, now there's no sport for anyone. Waste of f***ing time!!!
  9. Left To Rot In The Feild

    I don't understand the mentality of people that poach but don't show some kind of respect to the land they are poaching on??? If you take your game home and don't destroy gates and crops etc chances are the land owner will turn a blind eye and you can keep going there but destroy crops leave corpses everywhere and you just invite trouble and give hunting in general a poor name and make it harder for genuine lads (be they dog or gun men) to get permission. Hurts everyone landowners, poachers and people with permission...end up with threads like FD's as well!
  10. Squirrels

    Ferrets love em. They will happily eat almost any raw meat, brilliant adaptable creatures.
  11. Silver Ferrets

    Got a brilliant strain of silvers doing the job. Bred the prettiest little jill this year, high hopes for her she is very alert and bright and first thing she does when you throw a rabbit in is throttle it for a bit before tucking in.
  12. Left To Rot In The Feild

    Shocking. What a waste, killing for killings sake.
  13. Sundays Trip Out.

    Brilliant ground that, fair play lads looks a great day out. 89 rabbits is my guess!
  14. Best Run I Have See In A Long Time

    Great pictures. Well done, only shame was you couldn't get in on video. Some land and game round you TD.
  15. God's Country

    Incredible place and pictures. Just so open, down south there's no room to move people and roads everywhere. Would be amazing to hunt up there one day. Well done NL always enjoy your pictures.