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  1. Couldn’t resist

    Rabbit numbers by me are down to levels were I don't think they will be able to recover from its heart breaking for me never mind the dogs.
  2. Raw diet

    Chicken bone pierced intestine causing blockage, I would say large dogs are more at risk swallowing larger piecejs like I said I ve never had any problem my self just been lucky I've even fed hounds on it with no problems and they hardly let a carcass touch the sides.
  3. Raw diet

    I've fed chicken carcass for years with no problem, about 6months ago I got a supply of whole chicken so minced more for convenience than anything, quite a few dog lads get it off me know and I was surprised at how many lads had large vets bill s from feeding carcass, I even have a vet who has mince off me and said he would never feed chicken carcass to his dogs.
  4. Choked On Collar.

    It's a risk we all take every time we take a working dog out lost dog at weekend, brings every one who's there down, absolute sickner.
  5. Apple Scratter

    Ask around the farms for a old root cutter great for chipping large amounts of apples, paid £50 for the one I've got.
  6. Dog Scared Of Spade??

    I don't think the dogs bothered by the spade when you're just about to break in the dog his most under pressure, and should hold the animal in the stop end the dogs gave way when he's been tested and let it push past him.
  7. How's Everyone's Season Started

    Digging in a tight confined hole like that takes longer and is far more dangerous to you and the dog,less haste more keeping sides straight safer in the long run, good result for young dog hope dog keeps up good work
  8. Isuzu Load Liner

    If anyone needs one off single cab dmax free to collector.
  9. Any One Got One

    It's going to be painful on any new pickup best to buy a 3 year old one, they have lost the biggest amount by then, I've just got 3 year old Toyota hylux 50000 miles £10 grand lovely jubley.
  10. Selling Up

    PM sent
  11. Terriers Will Be The Death Of Me.

    They can be a nightmare to live with at times, but I've always found a real naughty terrier will be the one that takes to work with a passion.
  12. Jobs You Can Never Get Away From

    Salad pickers get between £100 and £140 aday and the farmer struggles to get labour. We have 2lads who hunt with us who get £125 aday has labourers on building sites.my point was you are going to be left with less than the minimum wage at £15 quid an hour running your own business
  13. Whats The Best Boot

    Any boots will leak like a sieve if not regularly cleaned and re waterproofed, I've got two pairs of meindels so I can get a pair dry well wearing the other, money well spent looking after your feet,your fcuked with out them.
  14. West Wales, Best Spots To Visit

    Walshie what 2weeks of the year does it not piss down every time we go hunting in Wales we come home soaked to the skin, I asked a farmer last year does it ever stop he said there is two sorts of weather heavy rain and not do heavy rain, we always have good crack though.
  15. Jobs You Can Never Get Away From

    Don't know what you would get in a factory but most labourer are getting £125 aday,you can't base being self-employed where you are responsible for all your own taxes pension insurance sick pay holiday pay vehicle tools replacing traps on the same has working in a factory