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  1. Terrier mistakes

    There is not many dogs out there that never miss no one wants it to be come a habit, end of day there dogs not machines, also some lads work more challenging earths than others, mate of mines dog missed a great big ranging earth last season put is hand up said animal was better than the dog today, dog hasn't missed this season.
  2. when experienced terrier lads pass away.

    Bad habits are not just carried out by the young lads I've seen plenty of bad practice being carried out by men who should have learned the basics years ago.
  3. Can get you whole chicken mince at 30 pence a pound if any good to you.

    1. troyboy17


      Where abouts from I'm bham

  4. Minced chicken

    The problem with chicken mince can be the quality, is it minced chicken or minced carcass to totally different products, I used to buy minced carcass from a chap it was OK but got a contact to take bruised whole chicken 100% better feed mixed with 20% biscuit dogs have never been in such great condition and kept weight on even when worked 3 to 4 days a week over winter.
  5. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    You can't beat the smell of fox on your hands I love the look on the faces of members of my local mounted pack when they ask have you been out with your hounds stick your hand under their nose pisses them right off.
  6. Season finished

    Will run to end of February flat out on shooting estates I call it the mad month when every keeper want's you, no terrier man should ever kill cubs for sport,call outs just something you have to put up with.
  7. The dangers of aspirin.

    .hope your dog makes full recovery, lady down my road gave her West highland terrier 2 paracetamol tablets the dog died a very painful death.
  8. How did it all start ?

    It's one of the hardest fact we all have to face when we realise we are not 20 anymore, got great lad I dig with last couple of season's and between us we can tackle most earths.
  9. Irish TB.

    Foxdropper if your right and I'm wrong the farmer's who have been over enthusiastic with the slurry tanker are well and truly up shit Street.
  10. Irish TB.

    Foxdropper I would agree with you on the trials so far but with the amount of area s given the go head this year proper surveys of numbers are not being carried out, it's being left to farmers to give a figure which in all due respect is like telling a kid to just eat one sweet aday out of a large bag,farmers who have gone on the course are being told to over estimate the number of badgers on their farmers so the cull number will be higher it's just what I have been told.
  11. Irish TB.

    The badger protection people will have done far more damage to the badger than dog lads ever could, poor old Brock's days are numbered, control of the badger population is one thing wiping them out should be unexseptable to any right minded person, this is being driven by greedy farmers who want to keep ten times the amount of cattle on the same acreage has their father's who would of been happy with. I wonder what they will blame when Brock's gone.
  12. Squirrel snaring

    You have to admire him he has sold rigged DVD for a long time and always finds gullible customers, remember the bullseye snares classic.
  13. A24 Good Nature co2 powered trap for rats

    We used the bait it came with for 2weeks ,and have tried 4 different baits since, any traps being used in a professional situation need to deliver results fast and this trap is never going to deliver.
  14. A24 Good Nature co2 powered trap for rats

    I was given one to trial, it's been in a poultry shed for 3 months not caught a single rat,it's like a lot of these traps not tested in real life situations before marketed for sale.
  15. whos working lakeys this season?

    There still about got 3 biches going well, dog abit hard for my liking, but you get that in all breeds if they didn't stay until dug they wouldn't have lasted long in my kennels.