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  1. Terrier

    Lost a good dog, wrong time of year I know but does anyone have anything available to use now, from Scotland, money here but will need a trial, PM me. Cheers.
  2. Human Aggressive Russell

    I think all terriers have that side to them in some form, you wouldn't dare take my old dogs food from him he would have you or another dog in a second if you tried,doesn't like sharing! but fine towards people any other time.
  3. Dog Transport

    Will give them a ring cheers mate.
  4. Dog Transport

    Bit off topic I know, but I'm looking to have a terrier courierd up from around Barnsley area to Glasgow on or any time after the 14th of June, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Tried in dog transport section and no reply for days.
  5. Looking for a terrier pup to be brought up from Barnsley to Glasgow on or after the 15th of June, any recommendation she or anyone doing that route? Cheers R.
  6. Dog Transporting

    Looking for a terrier pup to be brought up from Barnsley to Glasgow on or after the 15th of June, any recommendation or anyone doing that route? Cheers R.
  7. Age Of Pup

    Truth hurts mate hopefully it prevents it happening to anyone else, ATB
  8. Age Of Pup

    OK mate I'm sure every time he goes to pick up a dog he will be prepared now. They look like pets from pic, I wish I was young again mate lol, take the wool away from your eyes mate and disenlodge the straw out his hole but you might need one or two boys to help if it's that far up. When money comes into the game is f****d without a doubt!! You keep questioning whether it's true or not I won't loose any sleep and I'll still be out and about with dogs most days, ATB rippem
  9. Age Of Pup

    first off he wasnt told it was 4wks, everyone is assuming it is. And at 16 he should of brought someone with some knowledge of dogs. LIKE HIS FRIEND WHO IS POSTING FOR HIM. If he couldn't tell the dog was not walking good and not being allert then he should of never been to the mans house to begin with. And this is 3rd party conversation and bn isnt here to defend hmself so who is to say this pup really came from him? And does it make sense to sell a younger pup then a older pup? I would think he would want to push the older pups first. Easier to sell young ones. Apparently he was happy with what he bought that's why he took it.and if he does everything right with the pup he should end up fine and maybe even having a closer bond with the pup. None of this makes sense why should he have brought someone? Is it a crime to go pick a pup up and not expect to be handed one at that age from a man with more experience in the game than most? The pup 100% came from him I can assure you that, I think it was off a chocolate dog and black bitch small dogs that looked like pets from the picture.
  10. Age Of Pup

    If I told you the answer to any of them questions I'd be lying, I do know what I've said is true otherwise I wouldn't have said it, also I did say about 16/17 you can drive at 17? And maby there was a cash machine not far away or mobile banking I don't f***ing know there are lots of options he could have done to answer them questions, but I don't know!! All the best to you too mate.
  11. Age Of Pup

    When did I slate the man? Apart from telling the truth I've not said a bad word about him, he's about 16/17. As far as I've been told you just need his number and give him a call and more than likely he will have pups on the ground the majority of the time. If he's 16 who drove him to BN? Did they not have an opinion on the pup? If BN told him £250 why did he have £350 with him or was there a cash point near by? Perhaps BN has one installed for such occasions? For a young lad he's got a nice bit of spare cash on the hip... Yokel[/quoteTo be hones they aren't questions that came up in conversation, talk about interigaton!!
  12. Age Of Pup

    never once did i say anything about the guy you are getting your pups from and never said he would rip him off. That's why if he is a FRIEND you guys should of told him to wait or went with him. And don't tar you with the tar i get tared with? I don't get tarrred buddy so don't no what your talkong about. How old are you by the way? 11 but turning 15 tomorrow
  13. Age Of Pup

    The 3 pups pictured are gifted from a mate who knows what age to sell pups at, AND wouldn't take advantage of a lad starting out. Also he's not on here and I don't blame him the amount of brown nosing has showed in this thread!! person in question told my mate my mate told me, no arms and legs got added on through one person. don't tar us all with the Brush you get tarred with mate.
  14. Age Of Pup

    I hope so too dc mate, exactly if he can't remember the age of a pup he's not going to take one back he can't remember is his or not, atb