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  1. Your First Wage Packet..

    1989 yts scheme £29.50 a week
  2. Hi From Holland

    I lived in Spijkenisse which isn't far away from where you lived too
  3. Hi From Holland

  4. Shotgun / Rifle Cabinets And Ammo Safe

    What a shame your just too far away
  5. 223 Granted

    Have a browning x bolt in .223 and love it. Can clover leaf at 100yds all day long
  6. Land Permission

    Thanks for all the replies people. Very informative as usual
  7. Land Permission

    I hear and understand what you are all saying but it would be nice to have another 600 acres to shoot over don't you think?? I probably won't do anything as you lads have said. It's just curious to know the answer.
  8. Land Permission

    Your right but was thinking if I could get permission too then it gives me more land to shoot over. It can't be far away as it is as far as I'm aware it's done on address
  9. Land Permission

    Right sorry if this is in the wrong section. Got a good question for you all. Acquired a permission to shoot on and the farmer didn't know if the land had been cleared for what calibre. So rang the police and was told yes it is cleared up to .308 and that it is 400 acres plus 600 acres. Know the farmer doesn't even know where the extra 600 is because him knor his nieghbours has another 600 acres. Because it's in a different county to my firearms department I wrote in to mine for it to be added to my ticket and duly got a phone call to confirm the same as the other authority. 400 and 600. So where's the other 600 acres??
  10. Just Bought A Lovely 95K In 22

    This is what I'm one about. That's at 30 yards resting on the back of a garden chair
  11. Just Bought A Lovely 95K In 22

    Tell I can't get over how good it is
  12. Just Bought A Lovely 95K In 22

    Very accurate if you ask me. Had mine ten years and I can put it away for six months plus get it out again and still do pellet on pellet
  13. Hi From West Midlands

    Bit further that I thought. I'm over in Nuneaton
  14. Hi From West Midlands

    Where about are you??
  15. Hunting Partner

    Nice offer for someone. Well done that man