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  1. robertb123

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    We have the same over here . .. we call them the Welsh
  2. robertb123


    We had a French teacher, Mr Terris, an irish lad, he would take us out canoeing at weekends, with his brothers springer swimming alongside us, get us out into the country whenever he could, all in his own time, a real gent.
  3. robertb123

    An hours swimming for the the dog

    she'll even swim when there's no stick involved, can be a bit of a pain, she always wants to get into water any time of the year, on the other hand can just give her an hour or so of swimming, saves me walking!
  4. robertb123

    what country?

    For me it would be South Africa ... without the Africans!
  5. robertb123

    what country?

    and no internet?
  6. robertb123

    Never ending queue

    Good to see a charcoal barbecue , can't understand why people use gas ones, you might s well use a stove!
  7. robertb123

    Running dog next to bike

    Never mind the videos in the quick kill thread, wouldn't mind seeing some vids of these cycling mishaps ps it's happened to me too!
  8. robertb123

    Quick Kill Instinct

    Exactly right, who needs videos, that's what our memories are for!
  9. robertb123


    Looks like there's some heads on those pups
  10. robertb123

    Show us your Bull x

    That's bad news, with dogs there's always joy and sorrow, all the best.
  11. robertb123


    Saw one in Bucks Friday , and this evening nearby saw one swift, might have been more, too busy not listening to some bint saying I should stick to the footpath
  12. robertb123

    Hungover food

    null used to mix my drinks in my youth, one too many hangovers on the snakebite, just keep to one at a time now - except for a whiskey chaser!
  13. robertb123


    Couldn't agree more, you go past bookies late in the evening and it's empty except for people playing these machines, looking spaced out. One fella near me was £800 up. by the time he left he was skint, all in the space of an hour. I don't mind a bet on the horses or the dogs, they're living animals, good to watch. I could never see the point of that virtual racing either, another con. When I was at school lads used to memorise the reels on the fruit machines, if you think that computer controlled betting gives you a fair crack at the whip, you must be deluded.
  14. robertb123

    Hungover food

    What mixed together?null