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  1. Always the way, the dogs ready and the game disappears! when you get to give her a run, don't forget your camera!
  2. Fieldsports Britain - Youtube

    Seen some of them, can be a good watch, better than anything you'd see about hunting on TV, they had a good segment about badger control in Sweden using dogs.
  3. Favourite Sunday roast

    I like, no LOVE all roasts!!!
  4. Could she be in season

    Seems a bit young to me to be spayed, if spaying i'd prefer the dog to be older so it fully developed and all the hormones have done their bit in the growing dog. Seems to me vets want to spay as early as possible, they don't tell you about risks such as increased risk of ligament damage, incontinence etc. I think it's a bit of a cash cow for vets, it always makes me laugh when I see their faces when I tell them I don't plan to get the dog spayed/neutered.
  5. Always enjoy your videos, have you tried your dog on jackrabbits or anything similar? Would like to see that, cheers
  6. waterloo cup 2005

    There are some on youtube not sure if it's the complete set. I can remember watching good documentaries about the countryside when ii was a kid, now all there is countryfile and bloody chris packham and co, cant watch that crap!
  7. waterloo cup 2005

    Here's the short version, would like to see the 90 min version again, anyone got dvd's of it?
  8. waterloo cup 2005

    Does he still dance like that??!!
  9. waterloo cup 2005

    Doubt the BBC would show this now!
  10. waterloo cup 2005

    Sums it up really, what a loss
  11. waterloo cup 2005

  12. waterloo cup 2005

  13. waterloo cup 2005

    Don't know if this is the right one it's called "the last waterloo cup" can't upload the file so if you pm me I can email it, I've tried to upload it to youtube, but it isn't up yet. In the meantime will any of these do? enjoy!
  14. Bert Gripton.

  15. Bert Gripton.

    part 3