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  1. Epo

    Epo has anyone used it or know anything about it a friend of mine said it helps red blood cells just wondering what people views are on it
  2. Delkim Txi Plus

    Were abouts are you mate and still for sale
  3. Tracer 210 Flip Up Filter.

    Why don't you put the hinge on the bottom so the filter dropped under not resting on the top all the best george
  4. Male Pup Name Ideas

    OI 😂
  5. Dog Coats

    Hello lads just wondering dose anyone know any good Web site for dog coats I am after something that is waterproof also thick to keep the heat in cheers
  6. Getting Back Into The Game

    Thanks for the heads up I have a look but like I said befor I would need the ferrets befor getting the gear as no point having the all hear with no ferrets but I will be ordering some
  7. Getting Back Into The Game

    Thanks for the offer mate but to far off a drive but cheers any way 👍👍
  8. Getting Back Into The Game

    Like you say bob the ferrets will be the hardest but and no point having the year with no ferrets
  9. Getting Back Into The Game

    Alright lads looking for some advice on were to get some gear and some ferrets as I used to-do a lot off ferreting in my younger years and reading the story's off everyone having fun i eont to get back into it if anyone could point me in the right direction would be great
  10. Out With Alfie

    Just got back to my old dog out and my mates pup think I ended up with 5 pup has two but all fun and games btw dogs looking good mate
  11. Dog Mange Best Ways To Get Rid

    Thanks for all the help I try a couple more vets 👍👍👍
  12. Dog Mange Best Ways To Get Rid

    I thought you used that to stop them from catching it not as a cure
  13. Dog Mange Best Ways To Get Rid

    Cheers jiggy I spoke to the vet and they told me same thing I have 6 dogs in the kennels mix between gun dogs and running dogs and they won't to see all off them befor pescibing it to me
  14. Dog Mange Best Ways To Get Rid

    Basical dogs got abit off Fox mange what dose everyone use for a quick fix any help would be greatful cheers all
  15. Can Anyone Help

    I don't hunt that bit but it divide the two boys off ground that I do hunt I just wasn't sure if I was ok I don't won't to be getting any costs this close to Xmas but apart from that the retrive was spot on lol