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  1. My Friends Stolen Saluki...male Entire.

    hi all. just wanting to let you know that we got fly back in august. not got around to telling everyone yet. we had to foot up 500 quid and it appears he may have been in harlow all along. still struggling to believe we got them both back. they've both been neutered and microchip now thanks for all your lovely comments and hoping that no one on here is ever a victim themselves.
  2. My Friends Stolen Saluki...male Entire.

    Yeah that's true I'm afraid.. I've done a lot of stuff though since then to try n get them both back. It's exhausting really. Just running Facebook page and having a thousand followers I have got a lot of eyes looking and literally before rusty was found I was getting messages any time a male jack Russell was found straying lol. I've sent out so many posters and my bloke banned me from going to Appleby but rspca was notified but fly literally cud be anywhere. I sometimes hope these gits rot in hell as I'm angry bout it n then I think that ain't right to wish that I suppose . I wish I could just buy Fly back even. X
  3. Hello..my Name Is Sara.

    Thank you both. Yurr police sorta looked into it but not in any depth and they ain't fussed about getting the cctv and gave now filed case for second time. I've been doing all I can think of n I never knew about this site till recently else cud have put it on here before. I've put ads on free ads and gum tree n have had loads of hits. I m sure loads in travelling community must know who done it but what can I do if they don't do right thing and call me. X
  4. Hello..my Name Is Sara.

    No he weren't chipped sadly, taken before law changed n from what I know D has had couple of bad experience with getting em chipped n later finding out that the vets never bothered registering it. Two blokes went round D's home a few weeks ago n said they're gonna beat him up if he keeps going on about his dogs. Thankfully he cares more about his pets than the risk of getting done over n told me to carry on searching for Fly. I've put some cctv in for him but there's not a lot more I can do about that x
  5. My Friends Stolen Saluki...male Entire.

    Oh no p***y poacher I really hope not. Pray fly won't come to no harm like that. He's been a pampered pet you see. He wouldn't be use to be kept outside in all weathers. He ain't chipped, was taken before law changed n David thought it was not a great thing as has couple bad experiences of vets not even bothering to register chips u see in the past. X
  6. My Friends Stolen Saluki...male Entire.

    Thanks so much all. It's really awful having a dog pinched cos you get real attached to them esp when they're pets I guess and it's just the not knowing really that's the most dreadful thing. I've put ads on gum tree n free ads n I came across this site the other day so it's too good an opportunity not to mention it on here. Why should I just be quiet about it. Two blokes turned up at his house a few weeks back n said they're gonna beat him up if he keeps going on about his dogs. I don't get it, as if people are just gonna forget that they owned a pet they loved?? I'm afraid David doesn't have no photos of fly standing. I did ask him. I just wish I could get him back n this nightmare would be over and my life can get back to some normal then.
  7. My Friends Stolen Saluki...male Entire.

    I really think Fly is quite distinctive with his markings not that I'm an expert to be honest.
  8. My Friends Stolen Saluki...male Entire.

    Agreed. Care to do the honours The owner is a really lovely bloke, no doubt they might be trying to cast his as somehow having asked for this. You ain't spotted our saluki then have you. There's 1k reward for him. Not sure a reward will work though :s
  9. Hi. The lads in the new intros section said I should put some pics up on here on my friends stolen saluki. Hoping someone may have seen him as its not fair him being taken like he has been. I'm sure the crooks would go ape if someone did the same to them. Cheers x hope you won't mind me posting on here. We actually got one of his dogs back after it musta been dumped in Braintree as he was found in a park. It's possible they may might be offering Fly as a stud. He was actually taken during a burglary in cambs.
  10. Hello..my Name Is Sara.

    Thank you all. We have got one dog back for David as I'm running a Facebook page and the lad who found him in Braintree put a pic on Braintree buy swap sell. Because of this it was eventually seen by someone who has liked my page and we got him back. He's 10 years old too. We are still concerned about Fly though as think it's the not knowing really. We don't know if he's alive or dead and whether he's being treated well. My friend picked him out as a pup and he's not been a working dog just a pampered pooch. He's very attached to Rusty and very worried he will be stressed now he's on his own without. Thank u for your support, fly is listed as missing on dog lost.
  11. Hi. My name is Sara. To be honest I've just joined to let people know about My good friend's saluki being stolen. I'm trying everything. This site looks really good. I'm not a hunter myself. Generally I save half dead stuff I come across as am soft like that. Thanks !
  12. FLY...Stolen saluki, taken during a burglary 23.03.16 Posting for a friend who was burgled on 23rd March this year in Cambs and his saluki is still missing. There's now a large reward and all info will be held in strictest confidence. I know there are a lot of people out there who know who did this. I urge you to what is right and give us the missing piece of this puzzle. I don't know a lot about Salukis but he is male entire, around a year old. He was stolen with a jack Russell who was located after a man found him wandering around a park in Braintree Essex...David only got him back as the bloke who found him took a pic and put it on Braintree buy swap and sell. Someone from a Braintree lost and found animals page then contacted the Facebook page for rusty and fly. My friend is a lovely ole boy who did not deserve this and he has had Fly since a pup. Just joined today after discovering this site. Cheers