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  1. What's the best tracker?

    I find if you have a walkie talkie around your neck it mocks them out a simple recalibiration seems to sort that out
  2. What's the best tracker?

    Take it you've not used a tek2 👍
  3. What's the best tracker?

    Sportdog tek2 you won't beat it in my eyes. There only in ireland aswell 3 years warranty. Good after sales care if anything goes wrong you don't have to send it other side of the world. No import tax to pay like the Garmin
  4. F2 Beagle x Spaniel crosses

    Yes me, nine month old half x to half x flying on the red fellas now. Looking forward to seeing them with abother season under there belt
  5. Seen them kick off with each not a nice sight, had a terrier pulled out my arms twice while walking passed them. They can be a little unpradictable to say the least.
  6. Alternative lamp

    I bought one gave it to a mate he took it out didn't last a night rubbish
  7. Exactly what I think, he's in his late 50's I'd say
  8. There s a man on Facebook well known judges a few shows breeds quite a few terriers claims he bred the first ever bull grey? In the 80's, from South wales, his initials are D.B some might of heard of him. Is this true he bred the first ever? I beg to differ myself
  9. Gotta have a heart

    That old chestnut😂 pays the bills bla bla
  10. Gotta have a heart

    Pricks with them rifles thermal and night vision wiping everything out on mass. No fuks given
  11. My Pup

    Cheers pal
  12. My Pup

    The breeding there mate fathers a cracking dog works non stop with a real good voice. Mothers a descent bitch aswell with a good voice to. You can only try end of the day rests up to them. Fingers xd
  13. My Pup

    No just the one, you use her for what suits you it don't matter who agrees or not it's your pup pal. Nothing wrong with starting them young either more they see the better.
  14. My Pup

    Good luck with her mate mine have only been out a handful of times but you'd never think, not afraid of cover one bit. There brothers screaming in cover and been to ground baying on one lol. You should have plenty of fun with her for sure. There brother looks exactly like your bitch.