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  1. T R Robb Tuning Kit

    Generally a post below someone is directed at them, hence my original post that was for moles attention since it was below his, if I'd been asking a question for your attention I'd have actually quoted your post directly or named you. Therefore to clarify, I've actually quoted your post to enable you to understand for whom it's attention it is directed towards this time. No guilt is felt here and my attention span thusly hasn't been dramatically diminished by undaunting thoughts of having committed a faux pas. My level of immaturity is unchanged and I shall endeavour to keep it in check next time..... However since my visits here are infrequent and subject to whimsical fancies I could be charged as a interloper. You therefore might find my responses not quite at the expected levels of your mastery. Thank you for being helpful and honest without taking the ass as many other on forums tend to do. Now I get back to my particular problem and thank Terry Robb for his advice, assistance and mastery of his trade. His tune up kits do work and are competitively priced. He is also always available to respond to any problems either by calling in, email or telephone and as such did so with my problem. It turned out that it was SMK who had lapsed in their quality control and 'opened' their accectable dimension tolerances. Terry Robb manufactures to tight specifications from the original specifications set by SMK in their design stages and so it was not his fault that my problems occurred. Those problems were resolved by my sending Terry all of the bolt probes he had supplied plus the SMK barrel, bolt probe and associated parts for his eyes to see. He discovered the cause of the problem and has altered some parts of his tune up kit to allow for the changes and then also improve the exhaust valve with an auxilliary seal too. He even sent me some altered bolts to try! I do not know of any other 'tuner' who does that. Both of my .177 79's now give chronograph readings over a 20 shot test to within low single figures differentials. The maximum ft/lb delivered being a steady 10.09 at 730fps. That for me is more than satisafactory for a pair of back garden plinkers and both now can knock down my heavy gauge resettable plinking targets. I am tempted to go for a bit more but probably won't unless I get bored for something to do. Now to get on with altering the power of my Walther Rotex RM8. They tend to be overpowered from the factory I am informed and as my chrono shows. It is presently given me 11.81ft/lb so is far too close to the limit to be acceptable. I am aiming to lower it to 11.30 ft/lb. That problem is that they use a small ball bearing pressed into the hex hole of the grub screws wich alter the power and ahmmer strike. I am going to try to cut a screwdriver slot into the ball bearing tops and try a screwdriver to turn them out. If I can cut the slots with a dremmell type tool and diamond tip I will replace both those 'anit tamper' grub screws with standard ones. and post the results on the relevent forums. Now for the pub lunch trip...........Happy Easter all.
  2. T R Robb Tuning Kit

    I gave an honest and true opinion, just as any RESONSIBLE person would have done when you had not named the person you had directed your post to. This forum is NOT you personal messaging page. My response to it was not directed at you so your response to it was unwarranted, insulting and displays a possible level of guilt and immaturity. I sound like a tool? It is better to sound like a tool than be like you and act and write like one!
  3. T R Robb Tuning Kit

    Straight answer, yes, and I now have 2 more of the same 0.177s which have all been tuned using the TR Robb kits. I used the old thread so as not to clog up the page with another thread of the same type and point scores do not interest me because they prove nothing of a responders actual skill after the many times I have had failed projects due to inaccurate information from 'helpers'. All the XS79's are used purely for back garden plinking while my main collection are for comps and ranges.
  4. Rotex Rm8

    I have the RM8 in .177 and it is as accurate as my Regal, WH100 FSBKT, in fact as all of my others! It is now fully ran in and is as smooth as silk. Only small problem I have at the moment is that is overpowered with some pellets which I am looking to gain info on to get it adjusted. If Walther can turn out such a great one as this has turned out to be what the hell are the other manufacturers doing to justify their far greater costs of 2 and 3 times? Seems to me that they are ripping off a captive market!
  5. T R Robb Tuning Kit

    Agreed, the kit is well made and at a decent price but when I installed it into my new XS79 the new bolt he provided would not allow the bolt handle to lock into the cocked position. I eventually had an idea to loosen the barrel retaining grub screw and then try it again because everything else worked as it should and it would shoot if the bolt was held in place but not down and locked. This time when it was cocked the bolt handle went into its locked position easily but it had also pushed the barrel forwards by 0.035" (35 thou). Logically then the new bolt front is too long! The trigger kit I bought from him and fitted is a really good buy and does its job perfectly. I sent 4 messages but as yet have not received any replies at all. Today I will telephone and complain because I am not impressed with the kit at all when the old bolt had to be used to make it safe. On the plus side though the instruction DVD is a good one even though it is a little out of focus. I will post again once I have made contact. UPDATE; Terry has been in touch but says that I am the only one who has ever had any problem with the tuning kit! As it was a brand new rifle (SMK XS79) and he was informed of its model I am not happy about his comment because I told the truth and having been an engineer for over 40 years expected him to accept what I had said. Still, he has asked me to return the bolt at my expense for him to alter so I have done so. At this time and the unpleasant experience I doubt if I will order anything else from him despite the good service I have had from him in the past.
  6. Its nice to be back and health a lot better. Anyway I too am having some power problems with my Regal .22, one of the first ones made. The test sheet from DS states it delivers 11.40 over a ten shot test but when I chrono it using DS Sovereigns, which I assume is the pellet they use for their tests because the test sheet does not give the pellet details, the best it can do is 10.3 and that at a fill of 180 Bar. Being honest I prefer to buy British BUT I am becoming very disillusioned with Daystate and now use my other non Daystate's far more. The price Daystate quoted me for a service is unrealistic and made far worse by the extra charges they impose. Will I buy another Daystate? NOT EVER! Now Villaman.....(or anyone with the knowledge) can you help me adjust the power levels please? After it is back to its stated 11.40 I am considering selling it and buying from another manufacturer with proven reliability (and more realistic service costs) such as AA or BSA. Whoopiedoo....its now on 11.46 so at least its near to the 11.40 x 10 shots it was claimed to have been when it left the factory. Begs the question of when according to their website video 'how we chrono test each rifle produced' it can be achieved by ONE man firing ten shots from each one and loading each as a single round though? Must have very very very long days!BS is my interpretation of that claim by the evidence now before me. Will never buy another Daystate.....
  7. Richter Optik Scopes

    No need for bad language thank you. There are other words to describe things which are disliked. Hardly surprising. I would never had fitted a cheap scope such as the Richter onto any of my full bores, even now with their new and much improved range I would still limit their use to air only and then to those with a proven low recoil action. Personally I just don't see the point in spending more than necessary on a scope that gives no more accuracy than the more expensive ones and I suspect are bought more as a posing point than anything else. I tend to equal or sometimes even outperform some better equipped (in their minds) target shooters without all of their expense. On the lighter side and for my own curiosity whilst I compose the thesis for my psychology course can anyone tell me why target shooters on the target only ranges tend to wear camouflage clothing? Most of the people I see and shoot with just wear casual comfortable clothing and they perform just as well or better. I can appreciate that when in the open country and it is a benefit when camo is worn but paper targets cannot see as far as I know making it unnecessary. Is it just another idiosyncrasy which makes them believe they will perform better dressed as hunters or is it a relaxing escapism fantasy play role? After speaking to lots of the general public the general consensus of the sight of someone seen to be wearing camo clothing and carrying a rifle causes them concern even in open country. When asked what they did the common reply was 'I telephoned the police to report it'. I do not doubt that this is the result of so much negative press caused by an irresponsible minority but little appears to be being done to put forward the more positive aspects adopted by the vast majority of responsible shooters. Target shooting is a recognized Olympic sport after all and provides jobs and income to the country. I intend to research this subject further when (if) I receive my degree so all views are welcome.
  8. Richter Optik Scopes

    Buy cheap? They are not exactly cheap even at the low price I was asked for on an introductory offer for the new range. All of the old range are now discontinued. But no problem, it was only a suggestion for you to try the newer models, even by borrowing one of mine if you lived locally. Its your money and your option not to try them so you will never really know the truth of how much they have progressed. I can remember rifles which were once scorned as being poor and now are in use by many (in competitions too) since they have been developed and improved. Its a thing called progress and it never stops. Happy shooting....
  9. Richter Optik Scopes

    7 or 8 years ago is a long, long time in the world of progress and development. I was of the same opinion and also let a rifle go with the old type/model scope on it in 2009. I then looked at the new range and found to my surprise that the progress they had made in those years since was remarkable so I bought one. After using it for a few weeks and handing it some punishment in open country without loss of zero or anything else (also gone was the weak reticle which had had a mind of its own and moved at the slightest bump) I searched for a review online. That led me to the new Richter Optik site managed by the importer and its content explained how far they had progressed in both design, performance, ruggedness and accuracy so I visited my usual supplier and bought another of the same model. I am more than happy with it and the others I shoot alongside who use top Hawke ones are re-considering their choices and wallet savings. Only let down I see is that the 40mm diameter side wheel could have been bigger but I have taken steps to solve that one. Unless the new ones are given a fair trial by those who used to have the older models, with all of their weaknesses, I think it is a bit unfair to class the new models as the same as the older ones. They are far, far better in all aspects. Go on - give the newer ones a fair go......
  10. Richter Optik Scopes

    Go for it and you will not be disappointed. I have now bought another one and fitted it to my LGU too! Bear in mind though that on the Richter Optik website all models are not shown. Mine are not and they are the RI 4-16x50 SFN (side focus) ones which I picked up online for 99.99, usually retailing for 149.00. I am working at the moment on adapting a 100mm side wheel to fit it instead of the 40mm one it has. Should be finished it today with luck then just got to calibrate and mark its edges with distances. I will probably post some pictures of it later.
  11. Old Man Joining The Club

    Just got to say that that is where any newbies to our sport learn how to be safe and responsible...from we oldies with a wealth of experiences to pass on. I do not doubt that I will enjoy being here too.
  12. Old Man Joining The Club

    Coffin Dodger....I like it and intend to do so for many more years yet...... Its nice to finally be on a forum where there appears to be none of the nonsense I have experienced on some of the others. Hopefully it will stay this way. Next shoot will be on Tuesday at Kibworth if I can get my right leg to bend enough with the support that is on it now courtesy of Tesco and a wet floor with no warning signs. Please, please, please bend..........
  13. Richter Optik Scopes

    Deker, Years ago they were a bit poor but I would really suggest that you give the new range a go. Mine latest one is not listed on the Richter Optik website but is a new model and a side focus one too, the RI 4-16x50 SFN, fitted to my HW100 FSBKT, which I got for 99.95 (should have been 149.00) including the side wheel and mounts. Sadly they do not offer a sunshade though and it is a different diameter to any others available. I intend to run one up myself soon though. My 'older' but still new model is the RI 8-32x50 AOE SF which did not come with a side wheel. This is currently fitted to my LGU. I know shooters who have the same scope fitted to their FAC centre fire rifles and they say that the zero is stable and the reticle has given no problems at all even when out on rough hunts. That was one of the reasons I gave them another try myself. The other scopes I have in use are all Hawke 50mm's fitted to my Brocock Contour Elite and Daystate Regal and I cannot see any real difference in any of the build or lens clarity qualities between them. Have a closer look at them next time you seek a scope and save a bit of coin. The turrets are really easy to use too.
  14. Old Man Joining The Club

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, I can but agree with your sentiment because it is up to all of us of whatever age or experience to impart our knowledge to others willing to learn or better still to those ignorant of our safety record, stringent rules and laws yet spout their own ill informed and factually incorrect rubbish against our sport. Perhaps if the laws and regulations governing our sport were more and better publicized by the government and daily rags we would enjoy a better response from joe public. One day maybe.......
  15. Old Man Joining The Club

    thanks to all for the welcome to THL. No doubt I will spend many hours here..........