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  1. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    I’m only in Wakefield and Was looking for a couple for myself really struggled but seems like there’s a few on Facebook round Barnsley area. If that’s any use to you .
  2. Young albino hob wanted

    Anyone ? Really struggling to find any
  3. Young albino hob wanted

    Ok cheers will do
  4. Young albino hob wanted

    Looking for a young albino hob preferably smallish no older than a year,or Evan a kit . will travel within 40 miles of Leeds cash waiting must be from working stock thanks
  5. Mk3M Ferret Finder And One Collar

  6. Mk3M Ferret Finder And One Collar

    Wanting rid ASAP so £120 posted now need to get a mk1 box and collars as soon as thanks
  7. Mk1 Box Wanted

    Looking for a mk1 knocker box pm me
  8. I have for sale a Mk3m ferret finder has been used but in full working order few scratches on it and the collar but works perfectly wanting to sell or swap it for a mk1 with a couple of collars pm me
  9. Couple Of Young Ferrets Wanted

    After a couple of jills no older than 2 will take kits too am from Wakefield but willing to travel 20 mile or so pm me
  10. Spun Poly Nets

    Cheers mate
  11. Spun Poly Nets

    Cheers I'll give him a text now mate did you mention a lad on here was looking for some
  12. Spun Poly Nets

    Ok mate cheers anyone else on here make some decent ones at a good price
  13. Spun Poly Nets

    Cheers do you know if he's still doing them or not don't really want to ring or text if he's not
  14. Spun Poly Nets

    Anyone got any spun poly nets for Sale or can point me in the direction of someone who makes em on here cheers
  15. Small Gill Or Hob Wanted

    Cheers mate I might have a pal that maybe taking him ,he's a right character will shift the hardest bunnies out, one of my best to be fair never had one as methodical as him but don't think he will be getting the work he loves as I've not got much ground I can use him on .still looking for a small Jill or hob .