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  1. Where To Get A Sharptooth?

    Machined them from solid high carbon steel they're almost the same diameter as the real thing just slightly different taper. But the brace in the middle is a bit off rushed that bit... Should do the job OK. Digging here is usually easy going but rather have it there to be safe one day it'll come in use I'm sure!
  2. Where To Get A Sharptooth?

    Couldn't justify the 85 quid price tag so knocked one up see how it goes this weekend.
  3. Pups

    Jock.. Just gone ten months
  4. Pups

    One for next season. Nancy 5 months.
  5. Do you make the 2 peice bulldogs? Thanks

  6. Spade?

    Save you arsing about searching...I'm no pro welder but I can stick metal together well enough for shifting soil. It Can be done on any steel Shafted shovel and no reason why it should be any weaker if done right. If you want the method to take into a local weld shop no worries just shout
  7. Spade?

    Pm me mate. I made the 2 piece bulldog if you have a search you'll find it.
  8. Pups

    what way is the fawn 1 bred pal? i have a 5 month pup very similar.. Lakey patt bud!
  9. Terriertran Dog Box

    Is this still for sale?
  10. Pups

    Couple for next year..
  11. Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    Yes mate done the well with plenty of power left in it for another nights rabbit bashing (4 hrs lamping) Atb Mark What lamp were you using??
  12. Help With Wound

    Hoof ointment is the best stuff I've used. brown sticky grease type stuff. Healed stuff I'd been trying for months with other things.
  13. Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    Anybody used one of these batteries yet?
  14. Stock Breaking

    If you want a shock collar to borrow, pm me your address I'll post you one to borrow. Been there and done it with a terrier x spaniel I've got here not a nice place to be.
  15. Pups

    Nancy - 9 weeks.