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  1. Quick mooch

    Great result pal can't beat a mixed bag. Atb adam
  2. Two piece spade/shovel

    Your inbox is full mate. Atb Adam
  3. Rabbit Curry

    Fantastic day mate and rabbit curry is spot on. Well done. Atb Adam
  4. Ferreting this morning

    Well done mate it's not about numbers. Keep it up. Atb Adam
  5. Got out one last time 2017

    Great stuff FF, and the young lad looks over the moon in the picture so happy days mate. Happy hunting, Atb Adam
  6. Happy new year

    Happy New year guys and gals hope 2018 brings you all you ask for. Atb Adam
  7. New video

    Loved that mate and i hope too see some more over the rest of the season. Atb Adam
  8. Had the old boy out today

    Well done old blue. Keep up the good work mate. Atb Adam
  9. Ok thank you alun I will get some game now then pop down mate. Cheers atb Adam
  10. Hard but nice morning

    Can't fault it pal if there's nowt about you there's nothing wrong with going out with like minded folk with abit more on their ground. Keep it up, Atb Adam
  11. couple of hours out

    Well done mate sounded like a good couple of hours out, keep it up and let us know how you get off Sunday. Atb Adam
  12. Nylon purse nets

    I don't want nowt mate. Your inbox is full I can't pm you. Atb Adam
  13. Nylon purse nets

    I've come across some nylon purse nets while sorting through my garage, there's about twenty odd there if I was to guess. I thought I found all the nylon ones that wasn't any good to me as I work thick hedge rows and gifted them on here not so long back, so if anyone wants them for their youngster or want them as they are just starting out let me know and I will post them for you, all I ask is you just pay for the p&p which won't be alot. Atb Adam
  14. On thank you lads it' much appreciated. Atb Adam
  15. Cheers mate I did look on the net but couldn't find anything lol. Atb Adam