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  1. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Collie bull grey x whippet grey. Not as the title suggests but he's only a little out lol. Atb Adam
  2. Out with the youngsters

    Excllent mate and the young lad looks happy as larry. Atb Adam
  3. Rabbiter

    Very nice fair play. Atb Adam
  4. Rabbiter

    Nice stamp of Beddie cross him mate. Hows he bred? Atb Adam
  5. Bit of advice

    Theres a few different ways what people do but the one i find the best is just if you just keep taking him out where there's plenty of scent about the penny should drop in the end and he should start following the scent through the cover then sooner or later he should bump into something. Atb Adam
  6. Bolting

    Well done Ritchie and what a fine pair of looking animals mate they are both stunning. Atb Adam
  7. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    Thank you very much lads I think I'm going to go with the bloodshot and see how I get on with it. Thanks again, Atb Adam
  8. Hi there lads I was just wondering what would be the best cattie for me to buy? I've never shot one before so I'd like to keep my fingers lol. Just want it for shooting squirrels, rabbit etc when I'm out and about mooching with my mutts. Any information will be appreciated. Cheers atb Adam
  9. Abit If Wind Won't Stop Us!!!!

    Another great read mate thanks for sharing and great day. Well done all. Atb Adam
  10. On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Some top class lamping there lads. Well done both and dogs. Atb Adam
  11. Lurcher Photos..

  12. Sundays Trip Out.

    Excellent going that pal and I'm going to guess 110? Atb Adam
  13. Day Out

    Well done mate and some stunning land that is. Atb Adam
  14. We Bit Humour

    Haha made me chuckle that. Atb Adam
  15. Future X Maybe

    Don't get me wrong I don't think they will ever be anything as good as I find the Beddie cross but I would just be interested to see the outcome of how a litter of them would turn out. Atb adam