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  1. Bushing litter

    They look little belters mate well done and all the best with them. Adam
  2. Bedlington terrier

    Just keep getting them out as much as possible in the mornings mate when there's more scent about. If you know of anyone with a good bushing dog maybe take them out for a trip or 2 with it. Patients is key mate so don't give up on them, just keep putting time into them and you will see a difference before you know it. Atb Adam
  3. Beddy x

    20 and half inches mate, only small but he's like a rocket. Atb Adam
  4. Beddy x

    My uncle Neil is NL he's my hunting partner. Atb Adam
  5. Beddy x

  6. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  7. Acd x greyhound

    Very similar chris they are ain't they pal. Atb Adam
  8. Acd x greyhound

  9. Acd x greyhound

    Fair play mate cracking bitch 👌. Atb Adam
  10. Acd x greyhound

    My mates bitch is out of an DW bitch back to dai sleights greyhound dog, top dollar I think his name is. Atb Adam
  11. Beddy x

    Beddy greyhound x bull greyhound. Atb Adam
  12. Acd x greyhound

    I've spoke to my mate and she was originally bred from Middlesbrough yes pal. Atb Adam
  13. Acd x greyhound

    No mate she came from Wales some where I'm unsure exacty where. Atb Adam
  14. Acd x greyhound

    A first cross my mate got and she's a cracker. I'd like to see a few more of them about myself. Atb Adam
  15. Acd x greyhound

    My mate has an acd x greyhound, she's the only one I've seen work so can't speak for them all but she impressed me when I seen her out in the field. Good luck with the search mate as for what I've seen they are handy dogs. Atb Adam