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    Been shooting all my life,im very pro gun and would like to see pistols and self loading rifles back in civilian use.My main interests are k98 mauser rifles and military surplus rifles in general . Apart from shooting I like to keep myself fit through calisthenics and weight training,reading and keeping my missis and kids happy!
  1. Mobile view

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease can we have a simple mobile view like we had on the old version of the site?I can't get my head around this new version of the site it was much clearer and easier the old way where you turneed up and hit the new posts and they came up as a list.
  2. Snowflake Teacher Resigns After 1 Term.........

    What a pussy.
  3. New layout

    I always use mobile view,can't see where and if I can change to it.
  4. Manhattan Attack?

    Also they should make libtards like george Clooney,Ben affleck and lilly Allen go and mop the blood up and see if the re think their stance on islam and refugees.
  5. Manhattan Attack?

    Don't worry fellas I'm sure once we have the hashtags popping up and the bulls##t unity speeches are over we will all be safe in the west again...Till next time.
  6. If This Is True,,what Have Peope Turned Into

    Poor little soul.Pure evil that can do that to any child.
  7. Petition To Sign Please

  8. What a great man he is,Excellent speaker,highly intelligent,cool under pressure and unapologetic for anything he says.True Prime minister material!Tommy could be his home secretary,Farage and Hopkins could job share being foreign secretary,I'll be head of the gestapo and the UK would be sorted.
  9. Irish History Lesson.

    Like WILF said his war books are hilarious and the captions he puts to the pictures in them are awesome.
  10. Traditional Pubs

    Not anything really traditional left round here like when I started drinking.All our pubs were dark,smoke filled drinking holes with just a bag of crisps to eat if you were lucky but you could count 100% on some idiot starting a punch up.Now it's mostly crap pretentious "real ale" and fancy food,Coffee drinkers and folks texting instead of having a chat.I do miss the old boozers with character but i'm happy enough if I can sit down to chinwag with pals over some Guinness.
  11. Hw95K In 22

    My 95k likes h and n FTT and hates superdome and superfield.
  12. Harvey Wankstien

    Hollywood now is just a left wing filled shit pit of depravity.This guys been scum for years and just like Jimmy Saville's chums at the BBC they're all only too happy to go along with it while the cash is rolling in.He was punching well above his weight with his bird,got loads of cash and now has nothing which is what he deserves.
  13. She’S At It Again.... New Record Coming Out?

    She's a foul creature.
  14. Now This Really Is A Daft New Law.

    This place gets more orwellian by the day.