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    Been shooting all my life,im very pro gun and would like to see pistols and self loading rifles back in civilian use.My main interests are k98 mauser rifles and military surplus rifles in general . Apart from shooting I like to keep myself fit through calisthenics and weight training,reading and keeping my missis and kids happy!
  1. f***ing disgusting

    He needs deleting
  2. Wild boar bit mans fingertip off

    Horrible things,tasty though.I certainly wouldn't want to stumble across one unarmed.
  3. gun law

    Its not illegal but i think folk are playing with fire, Safer not to go to the boozer,Taker your guns home first then go for a few jars and no worries.
  4. Lily Allen and the refugees

    This is BRILLIANT!
  5. Surprises under the woodwork

    Nice one Underdog!It's all good medicine and vastly underrated!Looks like you have a trusty webley there,I have one in 9mm flavour.
  6. Surprises under the woodwork

    All my other 410s are 2 1/2 " but I enjoy a challenge and i get 10 times the pleasure hitting the target with a 410 than with a 12 bore. Aye the British proofs are a lot easier to read though I do like to research the german proofs and inspection stamps as there's a lot of hidden history in them.
  7. Surprises under the woodwork

    Ive not shot it yet but I have a Gew98 mauser and kar98k mauser and a long lee enfield bored out to 410 and they shoot very well though the No4 is a much chunkier weapon so I'm looking forward to seeing how it compares to them.
  8. Well I just bought a number 4 enfield in .410 and im rather pleased with it apart from a horrible stock repair that will have to be sorted at some point but anyways I digress,now whenever I get a new gun I always give them a full strip down, clean and inspection and when I stripped this down I was surprised to find that though I'd bought it and was told it had a 2 1/2" chamber it is in fact marked 3".No big deal it's just got a little more poke than I thought which is good BUT I wonder if anyone has come a cropper from being told a gun is a certain chamber length then blown themselves up with cartridges too long.Always worh a check instead of taking someone's word for it fellas.
  9. Mobile view

    I'd say your right David,I haven't been on as much since the change which is a shame as it's hands down the best shooting/hunting site in the UK.I'm not tech savvy and a new post button to bring it all up and a simpler view would make a world of difference to me.
  10. Mobile view

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease can we have a simple mobile view like we had on the old version of the site?I can't get my head around this new version of the site it was much clearer and easier the old way where you turneed up and hit the new posts and they came up as a list.
  11. New layout

    I always use mobile view,can't see where and if I can change to it.
  12. Manhattan Attack?

    Also they should make libtards like george Clooney,Ben affleck and lilly Allen go and mop the blood up and see if the re think their stance on islam and refugees.
  13. Manhattan Attack?

    Don't worry fellas I'm sure once we have the hashtags popping up and the bulls##t unity speeches are over we will all be safe in the west again...Till next time.