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    Been shooting all my life,im very pro gun and would like to see pistols and self loading rifles back in civilian use.My main interests are k98 mauser rifles and military surplus rifles in general . Apart from shooting I like to keep myself fit through calisthenics and weight training,reading and keeping my missis and kids happy!
  1. April 3'rd punish a muslim day?

    Goebbles would have been proud of them.
  2. Speakers corner

    Aye it Makes you wonder,though their heads are so far up their own backsides they don't see the reality of anything.
  3. Speakers corner

    That is exactly what they are,100 years ago they would have been branded as traitors.
  4. April 3'rd punish a muslim day?

    Probably bullshit fake news at work again.
  5. Speakers corner

    I bet none of those cowards have even seen the interview.Lord Pearson cuts a lonely figure in that shower of shite.Everyone that thinks along tommys lines should band together and decide upon a vote for an alternative party at the next election rather than the same old con/lab crap we keep getting.If Italy can do then so can britain.
  6. Speakers corner

    Id have liked to go but its the other end of the country.Im positive that the gestapo wont let it happen anyway.We don't have freedom of speech and haven't had it for a very long time which makes the arrests of those patriots a powerfull message to all that are taking notice,Our government hates us.
  7. Fukc sake Telford now

    100% Spot on sir.
  8. Stephen Hawking

    RIP Mr Hawking.The world is a poorer place when such brilliant minds like his are gone.
  9. These antifa are all the same,lanky little soy boys with no balls that's why they mob attack people then run off when the other side starts swinging.Well done Tommy lad is all I have to say about it.And the African got what he deserved aswell yap yap yap Wallop,be seeing you
  10. A very interesting video on immigration

    The lady speaks the truth,it's a pity posts like that can't be put on mainstream telly somehow without the gestapo blocking it.
  11. Another school shooting in America

    Radio 2 talking about it now.Yardley is on talking carp as usual.
  12. Cheddar Man

    Wallop!!NAILED IT!!
  13. Dimitris from Greece

    What are the gun laws like in Greece?
  14. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    Good to see another scumbag nailed. Bit ironic that he lived in a place called Cockermouth .
  15. Cheddar Man

    I wouldn't put it past the media to spin it anyway they can to make the whole story as PC as possible. Anything to promote the vision of us all being the same worldwide.