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  1. Fair weather shooters?

    Fair fox. Please get him a hat! U.
  2. Reloading Assistance

    Thanks, I'll stick with the old ways. Creep up with an appropriate powder until the primer starts to flatten and or case head expansion exceeds .004". Never fails. U.
  3. Reloading Assistance

    What is the difference in SAMMI &CIP for 308? H414 in most cases needs a magnum primer. 308 works best with medium speed rifle powders like h4895. There may be a trade off with the slower h414. 414 use to be the ball equivalent of h4350 but it was never as forgiving as h4350 . Quite slow powders for 308. U.
  4. 243 zero

    Dunno, long time ago and I used different loads. It meant I just shot to 200yds without thinking about it. About 9" of drop for 300 I recall. Not too stressed about to be honest. U.
  5. Foxes with HMR

    Poop happens.
  6. 243 zero

    I use to go for 1" high @100.
  7. Still nursing a bug but yesterday it got even better! Chopping sticks for the shot some dirt into my left eye. In no time I had a swollen eye and more secretions of gunge from my body, the eye this time! Another day of work! Mrs marches me to the doctor's. Doctor sends me to get a chest x-ray and eye drops. The funny thing is since the x-ray I feel great! Stopped coughing, less snot but now I can't stop farting!! It seems just lately my body just has to come out with some vile substance! Anyhow, got the woodie meatloaf made and popped out to find a retiring cock bird before dark. This time I took my .63 trade gun with just an oz of 7n'arfs. U.
  8. 243 zero

    Targets buddy, I use to use inch squares. Hope this helps. U.
  9. Foxes with HMR

    Before inserting any firearm in an anus make sure the gun is completely unloaded!
  10. Bessy.

    Thanks. Well now, I have nasty secretions oozing out of every orifice of my body. I think it's swine flu, it can't be bird flu as I can't fly or lay eggs, besides the Mrs regularly calls me a swine anyway.
  11. Bessy.

    Thank you, very kind.
  12. Bessy.

    Thanks. I did have an awful night. Coughing my lungs out and I was worried about pneumonia. I googled it! My temperature is not up too much and I will watch it. Thanks.
  13. Bessy.

    No, catch all sorts there!
  14. Bessy.

    This relentless influenza is killing me, lost time at work, sleepless nights and worst of all little energy to go hunting!I managed a short walk for a few hours, just taking my time.Seen a few pheasant and woodcock but never got a chance.I did however find a spot that regular visiting wood pigeons were dropping in after a feed on a nearby rape field.Bessy loaded with 2oz of #7&1/2 of shot soon had a few down. U.
  15. gun law

    Yeah but no but, then the Mrs will want to come!