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  1. Smk pr900.

    I don't know for sure but 'feel' it is 11+. I have heard others say they a close to 12. For a dinky gun they are good. Just got a 10mm-1/2" under adapter so I can fit an old plastic 22 moderator on it. It is quieter for it. U.
  2. Good session, I rate FAPS in 22 as well. Not shot them in a rifle that did not like the yet! U.
  3. Smk pr900.

    Just out of shot Jimmy. Never far away....did you see the video of her climbing a tree for a squirrel? I'll get the link thingy. U.
  4. Cristy mornin

    Top shots, good photos. What cal is the 98?
  5. Quick wander before dark

    Grand photos. Looks an amazing place. U.
  6. Smk pr900.

    It's not often I get out with an airgun more the pity, but when I do I have a grand time. It's good getting back to the way I started as a teenager. Using excite hammers, a H&N looking made pellet I got five in the bag stalking roosting birds. It was good to see so many in a favourite wood of mine, a boggy mixed woodland that no-one visits except me and Jess. Sorry I don't contribute much in the airgun section but know this, I love a spot of airgunning, it's in the blood. U.
  7. Rifle day.

    Murderous too bro. I know what you mean though. U.
  8. Rifle day.

    Had an eight hour rifle session today, it was grand. Just into first light I noticed a couple of wrens making their alarm call, I waited and sure enough a stoat appears. First one in years and a first for Jess too. We were soon into squirrels, eight we had in total. The bag total today was one stoat, eight squirrels, one crow and one pheasant. I missed one magpie. Just switched to Hornady 30grn vmax and I am very impressed by it. I also tried some of my new found S&B ammunition and it groups well but different zero. They will come in sometime. I do enjoy WMR. Jess is bathed and flakes out on me. She has had a busy day. U.
  9. Getting to old !

    It's hard work indeed. I will never forget dragging two reds down a hill.....never again! You have a good dog. U.
  10. S&B 22wmr.

    Anyone ever tried these? Found some in a shop in Leek, Staffordshire. U.
  11. Starting the November Roe

    Tidy. Nice calibre too.
  12. Time to break out the bad boy

    Never had you down as a square! Well done buddy. U.
  13. Couple for the ferrets.

    Least you got out buddy. I was painting :-(. I could hear the breeze and thought how it is a good night. U.
  14. Time to break out the bad boy

    You have the perfect rifle for the job. Have a great time. U.
  15. and an empty game bag! But what the heck, I had a grand time hunting pheasants but missed them all. As I walked back to the car in the dark I reflected on the days hunting. Especially Jess climbing an oak after a squirrel! I chose a flintlock today because it makes it much more difficult and I like a challenge. U.