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  1. Can you get 2" shells, they are quiet, good to 20yds.
  2. Blasted fox's.

    I only have two rimfires now, no more center fires now. Yes the wmr put this one straight down with the first shot, I double tapped him for good measure. I feared ditching the center fires a few years ago but not any more, I have done equally as well but have versatility and no more loading bench. I could be easily tempted by a .25" large rimfire if they come out with one one day. U.
  3. Blasted fox's.

    It's not very good really. He looks to have some mange on it so didn't want to handle him much. I have spotted another fox to have a punt at ! U.
  4. Have been after a big lad of a fox for two weeks now. He has been raising chickens every night at a local egg unit. The thing is I have not seen him anywhere in the area around the unit as late as gone 1am and first light, no pheasant has betrayed him too. All I had to go off was huge ( for fox) paw prints, so big I sometimes wondered if I was dealing with a marauding dog! After much thought I thought I will check the nearest sheep farm that also has a disused quarry next to it, always a favourite hideout for fox. It about three miles to a crow from the egg unit. Well I am not sure if I got my fox but I certainly got a big one! 60 yards I got down to and thought I am pushing my luck! Shot one flattened him, shot two was for good measure! U.
  5. 99s

    Took a walk after work with my little springer a hw99. It's been layed up all winter and I had forgotten what a nice to carry and shoot air rifle it was, so much so I continued plinking when I got home! Oh, and bagged a couple of birds too. U.
  6. got a semi

    I remember when it use to guarantee some pleasure
  7. Joy of joys.

    Getting on a magpie is always a treat. 50yds 22 wmr. Dug the 30grn vmax out the ground. It showed little sign of expansion. Later Jess and l got on some squirrel action. Did I ever say how much I love wmr
  8. A good weekend.

    Ayoop mate. I was tipping about 32g of #6 on top of about 70grns of powder. U.
  9. My turn to get wet

    Flaming eck lad watch your dodgy back! Stop watching dancing on Ice! By the way, my back is playing up now!
  10. Out with Dolly.

    Sure. If airguns are to have a license then there will be no need for the 12ft/lb limit
  11. Out with Dolly.

    What air gun licensing? U.
  12. It's been a good weekend for hunting and family time. Friday saw a good session with my Brno that then developed a safety issue as in it would discharge if I clicked the safety off! So for a change I took an air rifle out for a change. The resulting dish was lovely today. The Brno is fixed, just need some stone work. Completely safe again. But, you can never be too sure so always watch where a barrel is pointing and try to not become complacent. I spent some time with the chickens on an egg unit that has a visiting fox but alas she eludes me still. So today I dug out a flinchlock I have not used for a while and went squirrel hunting. All in all a good time. Anything to report from your end? U.
  13. Out with Dolly.

    Thanks mate. Cooked the rabbit today, it was delicious
  14. Out with Dolly.

    Yep I treated myself to a wee 4x32 cheepie..... I am 51 now! To many years of welding.....