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  1. andy lee retired

    andy lee just retired from boxing,always like him as a boxer modest and carried himself well inside and outside the ring.just said id put it out their,it might not get many replies on hunting life.the best of luck andy in the future ireland is proud of you
  2. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    just curious jigsaw whats the post above about,when the topic is about looking for pedigrees of patterdales.
  3. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    how was the how was the hunting today in knocknagoshel ceaser.
  4. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    i hunted with the torys a few times down through the yrs ,they have a good crew,with lads that know their jobs.what i know of knocknagoshel theirs a lot of forestry plantations hunted back their a few times down through the yrs.
  5. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    lovely country today in strand, local lads with knowledge of the land brought the hounds to cracking spots,with no fault of the hounds or huntsmen foxes were just not holding.when hounds met later on in the day they shook the forestry and out popped charlie with hounds close behind,fox did a big semi circle it was grand to see hounds hunting the line in 3 big grass fields all the time busy,when they were on they were on fire,just the simple fact foxes were not holding in covers.you could walk the same country tomorrow and meet 6 foxes,thats just hunting.
  6. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    yesterday was a good day hounds hunted well good crowd turned out, heading out the door to go and watch roose bridge hounds their meeting in strand, had seen them at the festival at fedamore for the last 2 years.
  7. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    saw a few of these packs at the fedamore hunting festival good day hunting was had with the packs i saw.will head back on wednesday and thursday for the abbeyfeale festival.
  8. Staffy Bull

  9. Lidl fruir trees.

    ive have approx 20 set in the last 12yrs apple pear plum peach cookers and eaters,all are growing well and started to get plenty of fruit after the 4th yr.
  10. Richmond Sausages.

    i remember as a young lad when dad would be on the way home from newmarket horse sales ,hed bring home about 6lbs of newmarket sausages from the local butchers .they were a proper homemade sausage.
  11. Staffy Bull

  12. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    irish rugby at the moment is rotten to the core,with approx 20 plus school boys cought for steriods last yr as is the pressure to hit the ground running when leaving secondry school so as to be picked up by the provinces and get a pro contract,munster have signed a steriod drugs cheat ,munster have put a serious dent in their history with all the while going on about their zero drugs policy, and the main stream media afraid to put the boot in along wit ex munster players,if that were another sport here in ireland the papers would be full of it,its only because the powers at be own a lot of the irish broad sheets.irish rugby followers have their head in the sand.if i had a choice id kick those f***ing rugby balls into the ditch and let them rot.
  13. What a c**t

    whats sad about it is that poor old woman is almost child like and is been treated like that,their was a massive scandle in ireland a few yrs back in old folks homes with much the same thing going on.
  14. A few this morning

    tuned and full of concentration,lovely to see them at work.