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  1. New layout

    how do you delete a photo you have put up,you were able to delete them in the my attachments section before.
  2. Fyi - Adding Pictures To The Forum..

    lads is it possible to cancel photos in your my attachments, with this new setup it dosent look like you can do it,can someone shed light on this please.
  3. Pups

    2 pups coming on nicely, white bitch had to stick her head in.
  4. good stuff and all the best with him.
  5. that bottom dog in ur arms that looks brindle was that dog at the lisgould show this yr if so he was one dog that caught my eye that day out of everything that was their.
  6. Give A Punch And Take One !

    sorry lads but could any one put up the ray boom boom mancini v duk koo kim fight one of the best fights u will ever c,very sad out come at the end.iam cat at putting up clips.boxing fans will love the fight though.
  7. Give A Punch And Take One !

    top fighter larry holmes was,he never really got the respect he deserved.
  8. Wellies

    bought a pair of grubbs high line wellies at the ploughing championships this yr very comfortable
  9. Boxing At The Weekend...

    cracking fight and good body shot in the end.
  10. Kerryblue First X.

    its the electric wire on the ground and when the ground is wet their the ones that do the damage.lets hope ur lad stays sound all the best.
  11. Kerryblue First X.

    i reckon their rarer than hens teeth. Thought as much a mate had one 30 year ago he was a real clever dog loved crashing through cover surprised they weren't used more in lurcher breeding. A real nice cross that one stonewall did he make oldbones mate the funny thing was when he was young he had got a few raps of electric wire like most lurchers.while out lamping and day time hunting and it didnt phase him too much.it wasnt until he got too 8ish that he got roasted on a good few wet windy nights out lamping,and that f****d him. so much so if u were between game and wire hed run the lenght of wire looking for a break then make a bee line towards game,during the course hed be fine,in the end i began to lose game with him it was either go under each wire and then slip,but to be honest i didnt mind hed given me a good few yrs sport and i retired him too a friend.that fucken wire i reckon has destroyed many a lurcher.a long answer to ur question.
  12. Kerryblue First X.

    i reckon their rarer than hens teeth.
  13. Kerryblue First X.

    i bred him myself their was 9 in his litter, 5 broken coated and 4 really smooth coated, the smooths turned out like if u can imagine a racey but powerful built staff x.
  14. Kerryblue First X.

    if the truth be told he was rare back then also.
  15. Kerryblue First X.