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  1. Hugh Heffner.

    Top shagger
  2. Not The Last Bullfight

    Firstly great your mate is doing well and will hopefully come through this no bother, on the bull fighting side of things I picked up a book while on holiday by a young English lad who wanted to know what made guys go into the ring with these magnificent animals , very vague I know but it won one of the sports books of the year awards. Oh and by the way it had a yellow cover if your looking for it on flea bay lol.
  3. John Bishop

    Bishop has to be the worst out there with his over exaggerated scouse accent, I don,t think I,ve ever laughed at one of his so called jokes.
  4. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Is Parker a kiwi ?
  5. Boxing At The Weekend...

    I managed 2:37 second of that. c**ts on the same gear as his boy ain't he???Yokel When was the last time a p***y did a job right uncle ?Your a bad lot because you can,t f***ing help yourselves robbing people, you ,re lad just wants to earn an honest living ? Get to f**k
  6. Any suggestions on books, videos or anything else that I can look at before deciding to get involved, it's not something I want to go into half heartedly , so opinions and thoughts appreciated, I,m based in Edinburgh , Scotland.
  7. A Good Dusting

    good gearI,d give the extra hot chilli vinegar a go, do you reckon it,s homemade ?
  8. North Korea.

    What price someone in the states bumps of their own man very shortly
  9. Morals Gone Or Marbles Lost??

    You,ve got to buy it for the kids if nothing else
  10. Charlie Gard

    no precedent was set by this case, all has been done before, the only thing different here is the amount of publicity generated by the press and the amount of howling from the "life at al costs" brigade, one thing they forget is this was never about cost, it was all about what was best for the child, don`t read the papers about this, look for the court papers, they are about facts related to the case, not headlinesExactly Neil, not what,s best for the parents it should have always been what was good for the child.
  11. Charlie Gard

    If you go to the hospital with no insurance they'll treat you and bill you for it. That can be bankrupting depending on the injury. My son had 12 stitches in his arm, we didn't have insurance at the time and the doc sewed him up for $20. I've stitched myself with the dog's veterinary staple gun, but I was over 300 miles from the hospital at the time! I agree, mate, but I think I didn't make myself clear in the earlier post. I don't really have an opinion on the lad because I don't know a great deal about the case. All I've seen, over here, is the religious right and pro-lifers using the case as a political football against socialized medicine. The Sky news article summed up how it's been 'sold' over in the US very well. I ad a mate living in L. A who broke his arm having a kick about at football, he did,nt even think about going to a hospital, got a flight booked back home to London, saw some family and friends and flew back a few days later.
  12. Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    Great sport / hobby to get into but alas nowadays the racing pigeon is getting massacred by hawks left right and centre, I would recommend flying doors to anybody but as I say your up against it now with the predators in the sky.
  13. Buying A Racing Dog To Race

    Have a look at the champagne club mate, different class in my opinion, my first venture with them for very small money has got us a dog that has won 3 out of 7 races and is an A1 tomorrow night, properly run syndicate where you pay your money with nothing else to add.
  14. Charlie Gard

    Would knowingly letting your kid suffer not be classed as "abuse" ?
  15. Charlie Gard

    defo don't doubt what ya say, but its easy for us to pass judgment on the clearly grief stricken parents when most of us only worry whats on tv or whats in the oven.As a parent I would,not see any kid of mine suffering if I could help it, what was their long term plan ? None mate they did,not have one, their child was,not going to live !. So you have to ask what was the point of appeal after appeal through the court system.