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  1. Beddy greyhound pups

    yep that's what I was thinking
  2. New Pup

    prob better your dogs teach him manners than something you don't know? Our old Parti used to really fly at pups and give them a real "talking to", it didn't do any lasting harm and they got on with each other for life
  3. First Swallow

    heard the first one earlier this morning
  4. Beddy greyhound pups

    sire. And a kc blue and tan
  5. Beddy greyhound pups

    shame that, prob would of been hardy types
  6. Litter

    if your wanting the number its on pets4homes. The Ink x Sooner litters would be 20+ years ago, Ink was Sooner x Ogdens(spelling?) Boy, Sooner was saluki(Deacons sis) x Bob a lurcher with a little bull. he mentions loads of dogs in the book? Irish terrier maybe??
  7. Beddy greyhound pups

    sure you said he'd lined the beardie cross, be nice to see them
  8. Beddy greyhound pups

    if you click on the name they have the sire at stud
  9. Fell terrier cross

    no pat/Lakeland x pat/lurcher. Aye thought you'd be wanting something more sporty
  10. Beddy greyhound pups

    surprized the show lot don't try and breed more, normally all over anything like that
  11. Fell terrier cross

    just seen some 3/4 terrier 1/4 lurcher pups on preloved, maybe too much terrier for you
  12. Beddy greyhound pups

    its a bed colour, was just going to mention the Lakeland blood because the only one I've seen was from Rillington breeding👍
  13. yeah looks to have, could be anything in there though?
  14. had a flick through a copy today, looks a sturdy sort, different dog in article
  15. First Swallow

    pair on Saturday