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  1. Exquisite lurchers

    mind someone saying all these fancy colours weren't in the breeding untill recently, nudge nudge wink wink....lol
  2. Exquisite lurchers

    they were trying to sell that chocolate dam not long ago?? neither sire or dam to them pups look to be bred like they are saying?
  3. Rabbits give worms?

    worm cysts
  4. Bit of rough

    was reading about him a good while back, found some old articles whilst looking for something, seem useful little dogs
  5. Bit of rough

    is that SLT called Joe or similar?
  6. Sunday stroll....

    looks a canny spot for a wander
  7. Colin Didriksen

    haven't read fell terrier, there was a few of his books at home, the others I read came off a mobile library, don't know how many I got through can't of been many, mind telling the nice fella I didn't want to read any more Plummer books
  8. Colin Didriksen

    yep, think Canaan was bred at Hancock's (his greyhound was) he had it as a pup then gave it to someone else to run, seems he just put his name on the projects
  9. Colin Didriksen

    don't remember the 3/3 thing but mind a pic of Cannaan in a book with something like "a top winning courser" then he writes she's only caught rabbits as there's no hares at Caithness and he's sending her to a friend at Norfolk? mind he was going to breed a top coursing greyhound that worked as a lurcher as well, Emerald Joe green possibly? Had a load helping him but was quickly forgotten about. seemed to go out of his way to slag salukis, but even as a kid it was obvious he had little if any experience of them, years later when he went out with a proper saluki man and his young bitch he was impressed and wrote a article praising them? could go on about other stuff but can't be bothered
  10. Can’t make it out

    living in doesn't stop thousands of years of instinct, "some" feel the cold more but they've generally got crap coats anyway, think you get a better bond imo
  11. Working dogs

    yep that's it, shame everyone is like that now though
  12. Working dogs

    unless you have some nice pics its just "dog caught a few rabbits, missed a few, the end" for most people. since the recent update anyone can see your pics also
  13. Me Boys Woolys

    this coat mixed with saluki coat imo
  14. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    some folk in the north east...