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  1. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    Who evers taking the photo is in no rush to chase the fox anyway 😂
  2. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    explains the decapitations ^
  3. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    couldnt agree with you more
  4. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    Suppose it would really depend if you've a good aim or not lol
  5. Job reference

    Yea, genuinely got asked by people were we doing stuff for gay pride a few times fs but as you say onwards and upwards 👍
  6. Job reference

    All sorted today, handed my notice in, got another reference and start on monday 😁
  7. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    http://www.portadowntimes.co.uk/news/appeal-as-cat-found-decapitated-1-8231422 Just went on to find this today it happend near where im at, seems to be becoming the in thing lol
  8. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    You would love to see a charlie on a camera caught in the act, give them a few red faces
  9. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-mid-wales-41798311 Or this, seen it on another thread
  10. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    could be foxes thats what i had thought
  11. New layout

    cleared cache, grand job now
  12. New layout

    still doing it here, though its on my phone il try clear cache
  13. Pike fishing advise

    https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Rod-Carp-Set-Up-With-Shelter-Bivvy-Tent-Carp-Fishing-Set-Rods-Reels-Bait-Bag/291514580393?hash=item43df9f7da9 All you really need is traces for deadbait think theres a cheaper one without the bivvy on there somewhere aswell
  14. Pike fishing advise

    if your looking something cheap to start out look for a carp fishing set up on ebay, its the same as a deadbaiting set up for pike il get a link for you