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  1. Lest we forget 6 years ago today

    I heard he's since swapped his dog for a .243
  2. Airbags

    I'm glad your missus is ok Walshie As already said, they don't usually need a big impact to go off. I've seen one go off when a car bumped the one in front while traffic was crawling along at less than 10mph. If the car was bought used, it's possible that the previous owner had them disabled - some airbags can be proper nose breakers - not what you'd want in a minor collision.
  3. Porn.

    Well, it's made my mind up - I'm definitely going FAC ......... Just so that I can sit there polishing a shotgun when a lad comes round
  4. Criminals replaced by criminals

    It's Africa - it'll always be a kind of quid pro quo - one greedy liar swapped for another. Who's turn is it next to starve their people for off shore accounts, new Mercedes and colourful clobber?

    Fairly high res pics those
  6. I need to learn patience for woodies - can't stalk those buggers Nice work again Mark
  7. Quick wander before dark

    Shit hot Matt
  8. Cristy mornin

    I do like that 98 Rez And, I'd expect nothing less than some shit hot pictures fom you
  9. Tuning

    If you've got permission to legally take them and, you've practiced to ensure the best chance of a clean kill, a head shot from an air rifle will kill duck and geese. If you know what you're doing and you're going to use the meat, why not hunt them?
  10. Tuning

    Personally, I hate messing around with PCPs - Springers, yes, all day long but, high pressure air gets me worried. If you're determined and technically proficient, do your research, make sure the rifle is completely empty of air and, give it a whirl. Good luck
  11. ....... I could well believe this is a real poster

    You made some progress though mate
  13. Gotta admire these dogs

    They were 4.5mm wide, wighed 10.34gn and were made of lead
  14. dont see these day walkers on bbc

    You won't see it on the BBC - a peaceful demonstration by white working class heterosexual males - god forbid The media and government will be too scared that this could catch on all over the country if it's publicised. ........ They'll be scared that they'll actually have to do something if this grows