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  1. First of the year, at Last

    Thanks my daughter bought it for me last year the grill bit is on a small pulley so you can raise and lower it during cooking takes a little getting used to but it's sound once you get the hang of it, also comes apart in minutes so can be taken with you for Barbies out
  2. First of the year, at Last

    Fired up the old Barbie for the first time this year, thought the rain was never going to end, jerk chicken, chilly and rock salt pork, Angus burgers, and slightly to much cider judging by my head this morning, happy days it's good to sit outside until bed time without turning on the telly in good company hope it lasts
  3. Big Cat Sighting

    Your friends are not alone mate, have had one bloke from there that was a total sceptic,having non of it and all the normal stuff until he saw it run across the road in front of him as he was leaving the village late at night, they can live for upto 20 years and if you can find out from your friend when it occured it will be back at a simular time of year so worth getting a camera up if they have one, I,m also starting to think our very own south hams hunter may not be to far away from the area as he has not called me a dick for a while, most of the people who work on this have one thing in common they were normal people going about there everyday business when they saw an animal that should not be here does not exist here but was definately just stood in front of them usually for a few seconds but sometimes longer and they need to no more, and now through the Internet we can meet each other and share experiences and build a better picture of what's going on, also the people of lodiswell probably don't no about the other people claiming to have seen it so it makes it a bit more believable, the old couple me and Daniel Caine went to see were totally unaware that 5 other people have reported the same thing within a 5 mile radius which again gives more credit to there story
  4. Big Cat Sighting

    One male can cover an area between 50 and 150 square miles, though there's a tracked puma in the states that has a territory of 400 square miles and in that area there can be between 1/4 females, I think in Russia there are 70 amir leopards and that is a breeding population as its risen from 50, so you don't need loads plus cats are quite promiscuous and hybridisation does occur, if anyone is into the carp fishing and knows linear fisheries in Oxford, there were a lot of sightings around the complex last year of a mother with 2 cubs she was seen quite a few times by carp anglers up trees trying to spot carp, whenever there is a sighting of more than 1 cat together it's usually a mother and adult cub, Spring is here and like everything else there will be a few with young
  5. Action man

    And I had a tank you could actually sit on and shoot down the stairs without it falling to bits, now he,s got a brittle plastic fiat 500 in pink, were did we go so wrong 😒😒😒
  6. Action man

    Mine were always comfortable with there sexuality, as half my action man strike force were made up of my sisters Barbie,s with a crew cut and there tits sawn off with a junior hacksaw πŸ˜€
  7. scrap prices

    Nobody gives a shit were it comes from all the issuing of licences and no cash transaction bollacks was only so the government could close another cash loophole and grab another slice of someone else,s pie, after all the House of Lords gets bigger every year and someone has to earn the Β£300 a day they give the crusty old fuckers to turn up and sleep, people near me are still having there flashings robbed on a weekly basis,
  8. Big Cat Sighting

    In 300 square miles you could home between 6/10 depending on sex, I know about it because I'm out and about and the more people I speak with the bigger my web spreads, this is out of my area a bit so I,ll give you one more clue to go at, look around a village called lodiswell? You could become the south hams big cat man πŸ‘
  9. Big Cat Sighting

    And on a lighter note, me and Daniel Caine were in the home of fox dropper yesterday to meet totally independent witness,s just outside wooton basset and we found enough stuff to indicate the old couple may well have been telling truth and the other area that's a bit hot with reports is south hams in Devon ( I did,nt even no it was a place) so maybe you,d be better popping outside than wanking each other off an Internet forum,
  10. Big Cat Sighting

    Don't panic I always wear a special leopard helmet when I,m out mate, rookie error by the German, in truth I don't feel that sorry for him we go into there world and shit happens plus Germans are a lot more prolific than leopards, on a slightly sadder note the eastern puma has just been officially declared extinct in the us as from January 22, though I do think we are a little quick sometimes to declare things extinct, possibly less than a viable breeding population but sad non the less
  11. Big Cat Sighting

    No that's me mate which is another reason I don't show all my pics because as well as pissing myself and forgetting everything I,m computer illiterate, but on a brighter note I,ve just been put on an iPad and a computer course by age concern uk 😊 So all is not lost
  12. Big Cat Sighting

    I hope so, it's all down to how long the scientific papers take to draw up( and how good it is) and according to the people doing it they now have enough field evidence to start on it, also meetings with different body's who,s backing we will need to take it further are being set up and held throughout the year so end of the year would be good
  13. Big Cat Sighting

    I never started the thread I had no intention of convincing anyone, I replied to a thread and put a few pics up and here we are 100 pages later I try and answer what I can and if I have pictures that are mine or I have consent I will show them, It's a bit more than convincing folks on here that I,m involved in mate ✌️
  14. Big Cat Sighting

    thanks Sean today was a pleasure mate, looking through the bones we found there were two adult sheep and a lamb eaten in that hole in the hedge not the behaviour of many British mamals I know considering the nearest sheep were across the road a field away, good day in good company thanks for making the effort to come acrossπŸ‘
  15. Burglary. Charged for murder

    My misses works in the click shop one day a week for free, she's the youngest at51, click raises money for kids with cancer and every week the pikeys hit it on a shoplifting spree while the kids run round the back and try to Nick the old lady,s purses from the cloakroom, there is no surprises left how low people can go, only crack heads are further down the evolutionary ladder, if you smile at them they,ll Nick your fillings,