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  1. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Here we go again........ tx vs 97. Or led zeppelins jimmy page vs deep purple's richie blackmore...... In both cases its the latter!! Blackmore= the GOAT. My wife shoots fingernail sized groups with my 22 hw97 at 50 meters. And she's a WOMAN!!!! If a man would shoot a 5 shot group with it, the group would be smaller than the pellet. And if a decent rifleman would shoot my 22, the group would be so small..... you d need magnifying glasses to see the actual group. All joking aside, the picture is a 5 shot group at 50 meters with the 22 97. -Mind you..... its an outdoor range I also have a tx, tuned and all, but both my 97s outshoot the tx.
  2. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Hi Lads, first post on this section of the HL. Saw the pictures, had to post some pics too It aint no bushing dog, but its a catchdog for bore, wild dogs and anything else you put him up with. He's now 19 months and 45 kg (90lbs). He hunts everything down on its own. He already got 4 bunnies, a few doves and 1 fox. He stalks them down and then the chase starts. Im waiting for the day he catches a hare. The fox killed a part of the chickens a family member was breeding. So we went there the next evening. I didnt know the fox was around, but my dog did. I reckoned he'd only chase the fox off, but the fox wasnt fast enough. He also joins me with rifle hunting. When the saftycatch goes off, he starts drooling. He does well as a trail dog. But I will never let him catch a bore. Im too scared he gets hurt. The bottom pick is our late boxer. Sorry for the bad pic, I took it from a photo in our livingroom. He lived to be 12 years old. He was a massive dog. We used him as a baydog/catchdog. A baydog tracksdown bore, isolates a bore from the group, corners the bore until the rifleman comes to shoot down the bore. Its totally illigal in our country. But when your in Poland, anyting goes. cheers
  3. My new cs1000 stock

    Hi lads, I promiced Id let you guys know when my new cs 1000 stock is in the house. Well, guess what......... its already wrapped around my 97. I say wrapped, cos it fits like a glove. The stock is heavier than the kt stock. But if I had the choice, the complete assembled weaponsystem should wheigh up to 35 lbs. But thats just me. I know most people dont like em heavy. But I do. This setup will be used for target work and rabbits up to 40 meters. If I need to reach out to a longer distance Ill take the .22 97. The Anschuetz diopter has an adjustable iris... this aids in sharpening the the target in different distances and different light. The rifle allready had minimal recoil, but this stock reduces the recoil even more. "Is it worth the money?" you might ask. Well, if youre a rifle addict, hunter or a serious targetshooter, then the answer is YES. Im all 3 mentioned above, so I can justify the expence. Cheers
  4. She is ready lads

    Thats a nice looking stock. The grain comes out nicely. Have you stained it or is the stock standaard?
  5. Finished my gunrack

    Hahaha. The ironingboard doesnt get much use in our household.
  6. Finished my gunrack

    Made it as small as possible.
  7. Im gonna do it. YEAH!!!!

    Well, the grounding paint layer is now drying. Ill lightly sand it off tomorrow and will give it its first of 3 layers also. The colour will be quite appropiate: English Red
  8. Im gonna do it. YEAH!!!!

    Nice one mate! Tbt barrelshroud?
  9. Im gonna do it. YEAH!!!!

    You could concider buying an old hw 97 stock and modify the shit out of it. Make a hamster your self and fix it permanently. Fit a bisley adj.shoulderpad. Drill 4mm holes in the stock and fill them holes with casted led. Remove the stocks finish and finsh the rifle with monocoat dark oak or red cherry oil. - and dad's your uncle. Do some internal work to. Let it operate at about 10 or 10.5. It will be sweeeeet
  10. Im gonna do it. YEAH!!!!

    Rez, it wasnt ment to be a bio. It certainly wasnt ment to be to make a point of some sort. Im 44 and lived 3 lives already. I was just giving an answer to your question if I was a target shooter of some sort. But we are all target shooters over here. Be it plinking, shooting vermin, shooting matchsticks or shooting cards. We all have the same passion. Im glad that you confirm that the weight is quite hefty. Yep the waiting is at LEAST 4 weeks within Uk borders. So I reckon at least 6 weeks waiting. Cheers bud
  11. Im gonna do it. YEAH!!!!

    Rez, you shot one of em, right? And are they significantly heavier than a regular 77/97 stock? - I hope they are twice as heavy All my life I handeled weapons of all shapes and forms. As a civilian I won the nationals 3p rimfire (Holland is a small country) and I competed 10m offhand with a 300s. At one time a was a permanent member of the youth national 10m offhand team. I also won the non-regulated 5-position nationals with a rimfire, while the others shot cemterfire. But back on topic: if youre gonne take the '97 cs1000 stock on a hunting trip, you could clubber your pray with the stock. Im sure it will give some leverage! But I cant find an indication of the weight. I hope youll get back on the weight question
  12. Decision finally made. Ill contact the dealer tomorrow, and ask him to order for me a: Custom stock for one of my 97's...... the cs1000. I already send the mail to the dealer. I want 3 extra options if possible 1 adj. Cheeck piece 2 adj. Shoulder pad 3 adj. Hamster I read somewere that them 1000 stocks are monsterously heavy. Thats what a precision shooter wants. While taking standers: if your technique is sound, then you wont be hindered by the weight. Infact it will be more steadier. Youll wobble less due to the weight. In all other senarioes the sheer weight will help your scores. Only problem I see is dynamic hunting. Ill keep you gents informed and I will bury you under a pile of photos when the stock has arrived. Meantime: anyone have some experience with the cs 1000 stock? Ive never seen one live...... only on the web
  13. The new Pro Sport .177 Walnut has landed.

    Okay. Ehmm ..... I have the tx mk3 in .22. "They" say the tx preforms at its optimum in 177. Is that true? I deliberately bought it in 22 for the softer shotcycle and heavier pellet (long range). The weight issue....... isnt an issue for me. I like em heavy! I read that in the UK a lot of shooters adore the hw 50/99. But its a very light rifle. To me, it feels as if it transfers almost all the recoil to the shooters body. Thus much more movement than say.... a 77/97 or an 80. While the heavier rifles give me the impression they absorb more of the recoil. Power wise the 50/99 is perfectly build for 12 fpe, but I reckon it would be even more nice to shoot if it would weigh as much as a 54 airking.
  14. The new Pro Sport .177 Walnut has landed.

    The PS isnt the flagship? What rifle IS then?
  15. The new Pro Sport .177 Walnut has landed.

    Congrats bud!!!! Very handsome rifle. Its defenately a "she". A have a .22 walnut TX. Stock pattern looks almost the same. I hope youll get along with that awkward aluminim catch. Never shot one, but I can imagine after a few hours of shooting that U-shaped catch will give sore fingers. I hope it doesnt. BUT it certainly is one of the best lookin rifles out there.