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  1. after work

    Can’t beat an after work session, especially when you get a few👍
  2. Comrade Corbyn Denies Spy Allegations

    the mans a fcukin prick.... ive had it with these idiots!! no one deserves a free house, you work for what you want! and we certainly dont need to house foreign pedos... well theres one less now cos hes brown bread
  3. The being able to take it off while charged is a good thing and being cheaper is a bounus! i have an a&m and putting the filler probe in is not exactly fluid! if I was to buy again I’d go for the tube and fit the original end caps to it.
  4. A fill your boots loan from Si Brown

    can see your gonna do some damage with the little 99 matt, its made for walks in the woods im contemplating flipping a coin, the rain has stopped and its a bit warmer!! beer/pub or rabbits
  5. head wrecker

    yeah hes a dogger... you put him onto Mel for terriers or sumat, might of dropped him in it cos he knows your las too
  6. head wrecker

    nice one.... at least its gone to a good home was hiding in a garage at work the other day while it was pissin down, got talking to a kid/Adam from goole/howden who knows you!! small world. hows your mega flash watch?? your lass smashed it up for being crap at valentine stuff
  7. A fill your boots loan from Si Brown

    got to admit its way easier to tame a .22 and keep it at a good hunting power! I only got this as a test just to see what it was all about as I knew the .177 was the challenge! when it started grinding I kind of new what to expect cos it basically runs the same as a 35 but that delrin insert is way to much even with the spring taken out.. still needed to give it a shave why would they send them out like this being aware of the problem?? it was gouging fcuk out of the underside of the comp tube and if id carried on would of left it for the scrap bin!!
  8. 1st time

    cant argue with one shot one pigeon raptar think you'll have a lot more fun with the ultra compared to the rm8... looks like a bloody good shot and a nice bit of land too!
  9. A fill your boots loan from Si Brown

    I want it back... I didn't get groups that good and that was with a parallax scope only kidding... your welcome matt for £200 and a few hours tinkering there an unbelievable bit of kit!! vm/mitch was right though, aft about 100 shots it started destroying itself and needed a bit of stuff doing! have fun with it matt and fill a bag or two.. cheers si
  10. New BSA

    think it looks better than the wildcat and the linkage is tucked away to which isn't a bad thing
  11. Couple of hours on new perm

    snap... jumped over a gate last night into a frozen field! turned the night vision on to see about 10 rabbits all staring at me then they all did one
  12. F.A.O Si Brown

    take him some as revenge for me penalty points! you must have an asbestos arsehole eating stuff like that, few sketchy moments this morning laying them footing blocks
  13. New Air Rifle

    mint in .177 only rifle I regret getting rid of.. not pellet fussy and as good as any reg'd riffle in the sweet spot 40yrd group like the yt channel
  14. Couple of hours on new perm

    there defiantly more active round my way Phil... went out last night saw loads froze me tits off for a while then called it a draw! not bad going for lamp shy
  15. head wrecker

    thing is the butt pad makes the eye relief even more jon, think they want about 2" chopping off then one fitting!