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  1. Pigs?

    Good news I'm getting pigs! Just clearing out an unused / overgrown area of the farm yard to keep them on. Just wanted to know how you build you're houses or if you brought ready made arks
  2. Pigs?

    That's pretty reasonable, Decision has been made now I will be getting 2 will keep you posted on project pork
  3. Pigs?

    What sort of price do you pay for killing/butchering
  4. Pigs?

    Oh deer 🦌 Bet that was good fun getting them back in Looks like there no better way to cart pigs than strapped to a bike 😂
  5. Pigs?

    Thankyou I'm looking forward to giving it a go, any breeds you'd recommend I've been told saddleback ?
  6. Pigs?

    Currently weighing up my options of keeping a couple of pigs I have land sorted just need to build an enclosure. I'd just like some advise on keeping pigs and a bit more understanding of the legalities of keeping/moving pigs I've read everything of gov website. Or are there any good blogs or videos I can watch about keeping pig? Thanks
  7. Crows

    Heres the end result
  8. Crows

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I left the house at 5am and managed to get 16 crows, 17 jackdaws and 9 woodies my best day decoying by myself The jackdaws seemed to be suicidal bombing across the field into the crow decoys if I was a better shot I could have doubled my numbers but you live and learn, Crows where very shy at committing to the decoys not sure what was putting them off moved everything around a few times and nothing seemed to work, The wood pigeons where just either passing by or landing in the tree above the hide, Packed up by 2pm as the heat was getting to me and every bloody fly looked like a incoming bird Thanks
  9. Crows

    Farmer Was cutting silage today and saw hundreds on the field all afternoon so going down early tomorrow morning to try and hopefully get a shot at a few I was just wondering on patterns ? I usually just scatter the decoys in pairs of threes around 5-10 yards apart I'll be using real birds I've got about 20 in the freezer from last time Any advice would be great Cheers
  10. Looking For New Ferret Box

    Jok box 100% I got one couple of months back can't fault it
  11. Call Ducks

    I want to hatch out some call ducks for a few flight ponds for next season Just want to know what call ducks everyone puts down or can I just breed mallards and put them down with clipped wings ? Cheers for any advice
  12. Coughing Ferret

    Thanks for the advice everyone I'll see how he is tomorrow and I'll try out the paste
  13. Coughing Ferret

    There fed on chudleys ferret food, and get plenty of raw rabbits/pigeons/day old chicks and mice all sorts really I think it may be there bedding use hay and sawdust however the hay seemed a bit dusty when I put it in although is said dust extracted Potentially that I'll keep and eye on him and if it continues it will be off to vets
  14. Coughing Ferret

    One of my hobs seem to be coughing any one know what it could be ? Only noticed it today whilst playing with them if it continues I will take them to the vets
  15. Any Ferrets About

    Cheers mate bit far for me lol