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  1. Lucky Bred Pups

    Mum and daughter
  2. Lucky Bred Pups

    My pup I kept back six months old now
  3. Lucky Bred Pups

    i bred my cauilfied joe x black bob with wayne ingrams dog lucky had a litter of 7 pups and i kept back a bitch for myself
  4. Lucky Bred Pups

    anyone else on here who as a pup out of lucky
  5. Saluki Greyhound

    it dont matter what cross or how well the dog is. its down too the owner and how much time you put in.
  6. New Pup For Next Year

    should be very well bred pup
  7. New Pup For Next Year

    my new pup for next year bred out of my bitch missy too wayne ingram dog lucky
  8. Running Dogs

    Any one else on here from Gloucester
  9. Pre Ban Picture

    Tyson gone now mate too some lads down your way
  10. Pre Ban Picture

    Yes John found you lol
  11. New To This.

    hello all I have been running dogs for many years lurchers is in my blood. I have a saluki grey three years old and she is about 23tts. I also have my new pup for next year he is a saluki grey x Bedlington bull. I am also into ferreting.
  12. Long Nets Needed

    Looking for a man name Nelson to make me some long nets.