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  1. Where are you now....

    You chilling in a hotub?
  2. Another school shooting in America

    They weren't in Afghanistan mate. Waiting to be deployed.
  3. Another school shooting in America

    Either way hopefully the procedure and training etc for this situation is reviewed so things are dome differently and the victims and their family can at least have a little bit peace of mind.
  4. Another school shooting in America

    Nah I understand but the folk who crumble at these training exercises do they drop out or go into combat then panic and help nobody ?
  5. Banned school hairstyles

    Bit like don't like the rules of your job don't do that job. Simple
  6. Another school shooting in America

    Sorry mate not sure what they are or what they sre soppsed to do so as their duties can't really comment in that
  7. Another school shooting in America

    Didn't think it would be the folk it is on here defending this coward.
  8. Another school shooting in America

    What did the guard sign up for was he a basic security guard or was he under strict instructions and no illusions he should do all he could?
  9. Another school shooting in America

    This is like talking to potatoes. Nobody is saying everyman should or would blaze in. What's being said is a man who signed up and said he would and didn't is totally wrong.
  10. Another school shooting in America

    Out of that bus full of people how many of them were employed as police officers and swore to protect that soldier?
  11. Another school shooting in America

    Ok here's a scenario for everybody. A kid is being beaten to death in the street for 4 minutes a police officer hides and watches this happen and does nothing because the guy dishing out the beating is bigger than him and he is scared he will get hurt is that ok ? Was he right ?
  12. Another school shooting in America

    He signed up for it. Alot of folk reckon it's a bit much but that's why they wouldn't sign up for the job
  13. Another school shooting in America

    Could have went out on his shield for those kids like he promised and signed up to do. He has basically stole 32 years of tax payers money in wages for a job he wasn't willing to do amd taken a job where if another officer was in that situation might have made a difference.
  14. Another school shooting in America

    Exactly my point. Don't see what people are failing to understand. If it's joe public who sees this and doesn't go in fair enough. But when somebody has signed up to protect these people and agreed to an order to enter a building on his own in that situation then chickens out it's totally different. He should have never taken the job and as I said taken a low risk office job instead.
  15. Another school shooting in America

    I never seen anybody say they would charge in. Honestly what are people failing to understand? This fella signed up to a job that he knew fine well required him to enter an active school shooting even without back up but when the time came his arse collapsed .