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  1. Rusty_terrier


    Taking loads of baby stuff the wee man has outgrew to the charity shop. Came across these 2 pairs of trainers that were never on his feet once just because how quick he grew. The adidas are probably ok size for 3-6 months the airmax for 6-9 months. If anybody wants them for their kid, grandkids ,nephews etc just shoot me a pm you can have them for free and ill pay postage as long as its not to the other side of the continent . Just thought they would do somebody decent. Off out shooting so give me a pm if your interested even if you onky want one pair first come first served ill check my pms later when im back if nobody wants them al give them to salvation army.
  2. Rusty_terrier

    Sick Facebook hackers!

  3. Rusty_terrier

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    I find this thread arguing bickering posting pics of their mrs and selfies trying to show who the alpha is absolutely hilarious especially since i could leather every single one of you.
  4. Rusty_terrier

    Sad news for boxing

    Sad news rip
  5. Rusty_terrier


    The school i went to was like a zoo. Was considered a good day if you made it home uninjured . Only decent teacher in the place told me not to bother with further education and it was the best advice any of them gave me.
  6. Rusty_terrier

    Guess this

    Chocolate digestives
  7. Rusty_terrier


    9m 30s. Never knew they started letting folk take a 5 minute break in the middle
  8. Rusty_terrier

    Embarrassing moments

    Theres plenty moisture when im in town son just have another check at your sisters knickers
  9. Rusty_terrier

    Embarrassing moments

    Your still a virgin 2 hours later.
  10. Rusty_terrier

    Big Cat Sighting

    You should put writing that comment in the embarrassing stories thread
  11. Rusty_terrier

    Bank account fraud

    The stole 90k from my savings account. Bank and police told me that as 90k only equates to 5% of my total savings there was nothing they could do. Was horrible. Only managed to get the 4 holidays that year and had to keep the same car for a full year.
  12. Rusty_terrier

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    Some big talk noebth kernal is gone .
  13. Rusty_terrier

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    The judge that gave it to selby needs his eyes tested
  14. Rusty_terrier

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    Im off to a few beer gardens then a brewery tour just shortly. Youve been warned.
  15. Rusty_terrier

    pure sickened i am

    Domt want to alarm you but the way thats been stripped you might have a big cat on your perm. On a serious note though thats shocking and a massive waste. A mate recently sent me a picture of a goat curry he made. £12.50 for barely enough meat to feed one person dont k iw what its worth where you are but I bet they would soon stop leaving them if they knew what they were worth. Maybe for the best the dont as they would wipe out the whole heard and leave nothing.