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  1. Gin

    Hunting Cutlass

    A simple but great idea for adding a end bolt. Fantastic work allround
  2. Gin

    custom knife

    Very nice work indeed, riohog.
  3. A great dvd for this type of training, is Dogs For Deer.
  4. Gin

    Todhunter and the fox

    No problem pal.
  5. Gin

    Looking For Hunting Dvds

    Found him. Thanks
  6. Gin

    Looking For Hunting Dvds

    I tried Mr Pitt but no luck either.
  7. Gin

    Looking For Hunting Dvds

    Cant find bob dunn on facebook ?
  8. Gin

    Big Hudson Bay

    That's a very nice gift. On that knife, is it a convex grind ?, not easy to do.
  9. Gin