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  1. Well worth going to this one.
  2. Couple days on the moors

    They had a brilliant few days. Three great lads.
  3. a Nessmuk knife

    Now thats quality and practical. Very nice indeed.
  4. Good luck with it Matt, you did some amazing knives, my friends are still using.
  5. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Its my mates dog, and yes very nice.
  6. Wheaten Greyhounds

    what's the percentage of wheaton in it Gin? Wheaton Greyhound x Wheaton Greyhound, then to Deerhound.
  7. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Better photo.
  8. Wheaten Greyhounds

    My friends Deerhound x Wheatenx Greyhound, 12 months old and coming on well.
  9. Your doing great Kay, with camera and dog.
  10. Beater Available

    Hi LDR, good to see you back here.
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Professional-Knife-Sharpener-Tools-System-Kitchen-Fix-angle-Sharpening-4-Stones-/301332991958?hash=item4628d88fd6:g:c48AAOSw8GtZTK-a
  12. St Johns Chapel Country Show. Weardale. Saturday 26th August. A good country show, for all the family. A great day out. Countryside Tent, with displays and demonstrations also there. http://www.weardale-show.co.uk/