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  1. Litter of pups

    just quality.good litter and rearing terry ermann
  2. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    micky hibbard,he lived in my street growing up.when his revolvers wasn't strapped to his hip he left them on his car passenger seat.he had about 6 of them.
  3. Half cross bull greyhound

    put up an arse kissing link or f**k off. you'd be wasting your time trying to get even a nibble.
  4. Half cross bull greyhound

    really, arse licking.1st time i've been accused of that. can you put a link to an arse kissing post.
  5. Half cross bull greyhound

    a bit of both.there's some right dicks owning bull x's and some 1/2 x's don't even look like a running dog.i loved working the deerhound x's.honestly don't think i'd get another like the last.she'd do everything a deerhound shouldn't. the bull x i have is much more a people dog.loves being around people. thanks.i think he will.he's got a right zest for life.i'll keep people posted on here.
  6. Dumb down for kids?

    it wasn't a rant just saying. i've been head hunted twice (ok it's only slaughter house manangment) turned em both down. i live in the somerset and i can do all that shit you mentioned except wank in a city centre. i'm up at 5:45 and i stay til it's done.could be 1:00 pm or 6-7:00pm. i can't say if you've done better than me because all you've listed is every day stuff.go for a beer,walk safe,eat good food.your at the very top of the tree.fucks sake. not hating anybody,especially not on here.your mad.
  7. Dumb down for kids?

    certified skipper..i bet he is. oi,oi sailor
  8. Dumb down for kids?

    wrong,this is what i believe and on other threads i typed what i believe. i think there.they're,their on the wind up fishing for bites and there,they're,their upset because i won't and they bite themselves. i don't contradict myself but holy f**k some of these twats have a very short memory
  9. Getting fed up

    down in my part of the south west we haven't got huge numbers anymore but so far it's been steady as long as you only go after them for a couple of hours 2/3 times a week. up to now me and a mate have had about 80.my pb so far this season is 11 in an hour.that was early season so decided to leave the rest for another time.usually pick up 6/7 then come back.
  10. Dumb down for kids?

    yeah but your still short with a faggot brother. nobody ever has thought i've got a good social life,good family and friends,good job with prospects,good sex life and am happy.i know what i'll do,i'll emigrate.no it's always no friends,shit future,family hate me so i'll emigrate.. i pity you. have you left any children back here.?
  11. Dumb down for kids?

    sorry i've been out for a few hours watching my son play in the somerset premier.they won 11-1. off out again in a bit for a couple of pints. you see in life not everybody is equal,there are winners and losers/wasters. it's pretty clear what category some of you are in. at least my views and opinions are consistant,if you can't contribute to the pot,f**k off.not a lot of yours are. scothunter denied the murder of millions of jewish kids and adults,not a word from the right on snowflakes and mushroom gives advice like ''rape the slut'' and ''kick the dog''' again nothing.i could go on and on. all i said was kids learn from the adults/role models and some of the bullshit on here i wouldn't let some own a stuffed sewer rat.
  12. Dumb down for kids?

    i'm not pressing buttons just so i can have a capital letter at the start on a sentence. punctuation is all there or they're. i'm not slating anybody kids but when there role models are abit thick and immature the kids will learn it.mine too.
  13. Dumb down for kids?

    i was just saying what chances do the kids have when the adults teaching them are thick as niggers shit. as for wanting attention,your the only c**t that gives it to me. dave.that is a shit boring name if there was ever one.if you ever go into a home where they look after the handicapped you might notice on the inmates door it only has there surname.thats because there all called dave.
  14. Dumb down for kids?

    i had a couple of pm's to answer and thought i'd give you lot the benefit of my wisdom again. to be fair to the kids it's not all there fault.you have to look at the adults on here.they can't spell for shit,little smiley faces,haha's everywhere.there thick so there kids will be.

    in my dealings with jigsaw he's been nothing but a gent. has anybody followed this up.? i think there cracking dogs.?