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  1. Found This

    I'd say thats the inside or a cows lip.
  2. Dating sites

    I keep getting dating web sites coming up on my phone. Has anybody joined one,can genuine love be found on them or are they just for desperate weirdos.?
  3. Big Cat Sighting

    You never even got a laughing face.go on then i'll give you one.
  4. Big Cat Sighting

    Please don't tell me some sad b*****d (you) went to the trouble to take a stuffed toy out to the lanes to pull a stupid stunt like that.for fucks sake.
  5. How to go about getting new permission?

    Yeah f**k the permission just as long as you leave it as you found the permission.so places i go where i don't have permission i'm tollerated because they know i close the gates,don't damage anything and leave stock.
  6. How to go about getting new permission?

    Ive found if you say you hsve a lurcher there straight on the defensive.i always say my sal/bull/grey is a whippet.farmers are much happier with a whippet than a lurcher and they don't know the difference as long as its smallish with a smooth coat.ask for ferreting 1st than ask to lamp.
  7. wheaten greyhound

    Busher you have a pm
  8. Trying to work things out

    Mines not a straight bull/grey x sal/grey she's bull/grey sal/grey x sal/grey.
  9. Forest and hill hunting.

    Proper hunting.
  10. Trying to work things out

    That was when i ruined her for vermin.i still think what she could of been if i held on. The thing with her is if you came for a day and night on edibles you might think she was great.her 1st working season she was flying but spend more time with her and she's weird.but she's my weirdo and i can live with it most of the time.
  11. Sadiq khan's S.hole London

    I went last year too for a stag do.i was amazed with the architexture of the place and thats not like me.it was lovely.old castles everywhere. 4 days and the only non whites i saw was about 5/6 chinks.
  12. Trying to work things out

    I take full responsibility as to why mine's crap.i know the exact moment i ruined her.
  13. RIP Dolores O Riordan

    Thanks very much but f**k off. how's your ignoring me going.?you can't resist can you.what are you a faggot with a ginger fetish.?
  14. RIP Dolores O Riordan

    On the plus side she'll probably get to number 1 now.
  15. Trying to work things out

    I got one similar breeding and f***ing never again.needy,tempermental,work shy,nervous and plain f***ing idiot. Came from a good line of bull x and the saluki side was a grandaughter to g dickinsons 'red'.