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  1. Mad night

    Do you know what chew valley like for carp fishing greyman.?
  2. Happy birthday

    God bless her and long live the queen.
  3. Sunderland 1 Burton Albion 2 !!!!

    Has verne just died.?
  4. Staghounds

    Do you know the trampy follower who has badges covering his flat cap,always gets the liver.?
  5. Well, there's only one thing for it today .......

    I've driven past it loads but i can't think where it is.
  6. Well, there's only one thing for it today .......

    Is that between west bay and abbotsbury.?
  7. Dogs dinners

  8. Dogs dinners

    There gping to have sheep heads and red deer paunch tomorrow.
  9. Who is pie eater.

    Thats really good.
  10. Dogs dinners

    Slim pickings tonight.sheep paunch and beef bone.
  11. Who is pie eater.

    Careful all around northenlite(bluezac) and mickydemouse(kieran or as he otherwise known kirongun) they really are a couple of trouble making serious snakes.
  12. Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    Once aday.
  13. Who is pie eater.

    I wasn't spoilt it's just that your whole life has been tragic.
  14. Who is pie eater.

    Yes of course.what could i possibly be involved with at that age to be anything other than that.
  15. Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    No but for the last 10 years or longer all that you hear about collie/greys is about hancock and what poeple say about them.