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  1. Droidboxes

    Me [BANNED TEXT] s is shite lol
  2. Fantasy/science Fiction Books.

    R.E. Feist Krondor series quality books
  3. Khan Vs Mayweather..

    Trouble with khan is he never sticks to the game plan fact .
  4. I Hunt With Mink!

    A never would of believed it until a seen the videos a most interesting topic minkenry
  5. Pb Brownie!

    Cracking fish
  6. Derby Day Mmmmmmm

    As a toon fan i have to say i was pissed off but the mackems deserved to win . Savour it coz it will be another 12 years before you win at sjp
  7. How I Spent My Easter Holidays

    Nice pics lg beats sitting about the house
  8. Ya cant do feck all these days
  9. Grand National....

    Colbert station , roberta goldback
  10. Horrible dispicable people who could do such a horrible act
  11. Sky Plus

    I pay £74.... And I don't have most of the channels. Going to make a phone call this week. I pay the same lab but iv got all the channels . Feck it im ringin them up .
  12. History Of Resistance

    Just read a book by stewart binns called conquest pretty based on 1066 bloody good read
  13. Tall Stories

  14. Sunderland's Next Manager

    The makems are as shite as the toon this season but we will still kick there arse in the derby