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  1. We all know its not just about the shooting. A day of shooting in the countryside is about so much more. Sometimes more important than the shooting. Part 3, the Sticky Toffee Massacre
  2. There are a lot of work-arounds. So, I have no keeper if skills, so I will be learning on the fly. This kind of keepering just doesn’t happen in the states, so our neighbors will not be “keepering”. We will be feeding, so hopefully our grass will be the greenest. We use a lot of partridge for dog training. Many are not shot. It has been our experience that those partridge hang around and survive for 3-4 months, which is encouraging. As for the skill level of the other guns? Well, let’s just say I want to provide opportunities. What they do with them,...? The bag limits I quoted are daily bag limits. I think 25-35% would be great. Being we are trying to put together a small start up shoot I think we’d all be happy if we only shot a few birds each day as long as we were seeing birds flying.
  3. I live in the US, and a friend and I are trying to put together a small shoot. I need a little input. We are thinking of putting together a mixed bag shoot, 6-8 guns, shooting 2-3 days. This would be a mini-driven type of shoot with 4-6 drives. The main issues revolve around property size, and bag size. Most of the potential properties are between 100-200 acres. These would have some woods, fields, and hedges. Most likely the birds would be driven from the hedges, and some of the crops in the fields. I think this could work for a small shoot. The issue of how many birds to release is a bit tougher to figure because game laws are different here. We’ve got bag limits which we can’t go over. We can’t shoot more than 2 pheasant per gun, which would be 12-16 pheasant. We can also shoot 4 partridge (Chukar) per gun, which puts us at 24-32 partridge, which is why I would like to organize a mixed bag shoot. I doubt that we would ever shoot a bag of 36- 48 birds, but that’d make for a nice day. So, taking in to account that we will lose birds once they are on the ground, how many pheasant and partridge would you recommend we release for our small shoot?
  4. Season in review- updated.

    I must have messed up the links. I’ll try to fix it.
  5. I've had a very fulfilling shooting season, but I haven't shared much of it here. I have, updated my blog, however, so here are a couple of links to my season in review. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3- coming soon.
  6. First goose

    Thanks, Les. I had a great time, and I am looking forward to shooting with you again next year.
  7. Lab x pointer

    I was thinking more about improvement of breed, either pointer or Lab. Don’t really see how this could help. Wouldn’t know what Genes or traits would transfer to the pups, so could end up with a dog that neither points, nor retrieves. But, what would it do on a grouse moor that continental pointing breed, or even a setter couldn’t do? There are lots of dog breeds out there, and I think probably one for whatever one needs.
  8. First goose

    Got out on the geese, today. I was fortunate enough to receive an invite from a gentleman from Leeds who knows a thing or two about goose shooting. It was a beautiful morning, and despite being under gunned only having a 20g with me, I was still able to shoot my first Greylag. Thank Les.
  9. Had a nice day out with a friend’s syndicate in Driffield, yesterday. Drew good pegs on every drive, and got showered in gifts.
  10. Okay. Seeing the regularly, but not in great numbers in N. and E. Yorkshire. I still haven’t dropped the hammer on one, yet, but my friend managed one.
  11. Dogs On Point

    He was my first and only setter. He was a great dog and I loved him, but like you I am a springer man. Won’t ever be without one.
  12. Dogs On Point

    He’s no longer with us. Can you spot the woodcock?
  13. Lab x pointer

    Why would they? What good would this do?
  14. I’m glad to see the woodcock are filtering through. I’m heading over tomorrow to do some shooting and I’d sure like to get a chance at woodcock. The flight came through here last month. Had a couple good days on them, and shot a few over my springer. Actually,....shot a few over my friends springer, too. Had one day where we easily flushed 50 but lunch time.
  15. Labs And Water Training

    Wow. He really is a special kind of stupid. A mistake like that can really have other negative effects. I recently learned that letting my pup playfully chase the hose stream around the yard can be a problem when one pisses in the woods.