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  1. Daniel Dubois. Heavyweight.

    You are all right chaps,he will be heavyweight champion within a year or two. The kid has got real skills and is a lovely kid as well. My son boxes for the same club as Daniel used to, Lynn A.C in Camberwell ,south london. He is the real deal.
  2. Warning

    Did you really just say your going to give numbers to the police? Your a dirty wrong un no doubt about it? If it bother you that much what these fellas are getting up to and feel that strongly about it, why don't you grow a set and confront them? You spineless rat of a man. Let's all hope that these guys find out about your slimy grassing ways and pay you right out. Grass
  3. I'm up at my place in Orkney with my boy. Brought the dogs and been having a mooch in the mornings. Managed to drag my 14 year old out of his pit . Few years back he was really into the dogs but seems girls have took over the last couple of years . But I think he has the bug again now after his deerhound caught straigh away ,had a lovely little run up the cliffs . Hopefully he will get out with his old dad a bit more now Anyone got some pics with their youngsters and the dogs
  4. Possible Breeding... Near Future.

    This has got to be a joke?
  5. Freedom To Roam In Wales

    If I understand that correctly. With that right to roam/fish you could have a fishing rod and lurcher and have some fun with a possible cover story,if you get my meaning
  6. Saluki X Wheaten Grey

    I'm going to see the pup at the weekend and I'll take some pics
  7. My lamping partner has just got himself a new pup to bring on as his dog is 7 and starting to slow down. The sire is a coursing dog from good stock and the dam is a half cross wheaten greyhound. Has anyone got one or come across a dog of same breeding, and any pics? Thought I had seen most crosses over the years but not this one lol It's a nice looking pup ,big and strong bitch he got Could be a good mix I think
  8. Property Abroad

    Spain is where I am leaning towards. Not bothered about the locals really,I'm a bit of a loner anyway so won't bother me them not wanting to be mates lolI don't need to earn an income there either so just want a nice private bolthole where I can be left alone Be a couple of years yet but want to be spending half my time in Orkney and the rest at this place
  9. Property Abroad

    Yeah I'll definitely be doing that mate. My missus is an estate agent and her firm has offices in most of europe so we've got the legal side covered I think. Want somewhere rural where I can have some fun with my dogs. You seem to be able to get some nice spreads in any of them countries for very little money compared to where I live in surrey
  10. Property Abroad

    I'm looking to buy a place in the sun. Got to decide between Spain,Greece and Portugal I think. Has anyone got one in europe and can give me any advice. Thanks
  11. This started out a good thread,was interesting hearing about raccoons from someone who hunts them and then it was men arguing about dogs that are probably dead by now and was' t even owned by them. Comical
  12. I think gameness and drive are different things. Drive can be tested a variety of ways but gameness I think can only be tested by battle
  13. Did anyone see yesterday's Daily Record? There was a 3 page report about fellas in Glasgow area running deer and badgers with bull greyhounds. Some pretty damning photos and same old story, a couple of fellas nicked for doing whatever with there dogs and then their computers getting took and photos found. Just another case to bring it on top for the guys who like to fly under the radar
  14. Nice Land In Orkney

    The fishing is world class up here mateOrkney council stock all the lochs for residents to fish Not much of a fisherman myself but would like to start
  15. Nice Land In Orkney

    My mate bred her,he owns both the dam and sire. Her dam was 3/4 deerhound 1/4 grey and her sire was 1/4 deerhound 1/4 saluki 1/2 greyhound so god knows what that makes her but she's a good bitch. Plenty of wind and plenty of fire in her belly. Whereabouts are you in Scotland? Have you been to Orkney ?