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  1. Still No Real Answers To This

    They are asking for £176 as a donation for a trail camera. They need to shop at Aldi....
  2. conibear pans

    They have been here a while, called Bodygrip traps but with single sprung arm. Yes, they are very effective.
  3. Shot Foxes Needed

  4. Live Rabbit Traps

    In a line from hedge line towards feeding areas. I use carrots and cabbage sliced up.
  5. Squirrels

    As of September 2015 the use of Warfarin against squirrels was banned.
  6. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Where you place them in relation to where the rabbits are moving around is key. Place them in a line opposite hedge/ditch etc where they would be moving towards their feeding area.
  7. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    I already have few live catch traps and have used many times them with a very good catch rate. 🐰🐰🐰
  8. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Thanks for all the replies. Are the folding ones any good? It would be really handy... PS I once bought a folding fox trap. Never again!
  9. I have got a job in where I need to buy around 20. Anyone got any recommendations on supplier?
  10. Are subsonic 410 carts likely to be quieter in an unmoderated gun? Anyone tested it out?
  11. Scotland Calling.

    I wish you luck fella.
  12. Scotland Calling.

    Wow, what prompted that Rowan? I take it you have no family or kids with you?
  13. Mole Sauce

    Don't tell em about the worm juice on cotton wool trick. Decimates the mole population that one. So does setting the trap properly. ✌
  14. Mole Sauce

    A mate of mine is on holiday in Mexico and he sent me a picture of his dinner menu "Chicken with mole", and then translated into various languages all saying it was served with "mole". Turns out its not what I thought lol. <Edible Mole Link>