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  1. ERA for farm

    PM a copy and I will have a look at it?
  2. New Rat Trap Box

    You have answered it yourself. The young rats get caught before the more neophobic older rats have got used to the traps. And they breed so quickly that there seems always to be a supply of the younger ones. You could try to put the traps as close to the burrows as possible, and whilst this will probably increase the neophobic response short term, might just land you an adult in the long run.
  3. mole trapping in the snow

    Not sure on the wisdom of a gibbet these days.... 🤔
  4. Posion laws ?

    You WILL need a safe use certificate if you are using in a work capacity.
  5. My first shotgun was an SBS. It kicked like a mule and I couldn't hit anything with it. I moved on to o/u and my shooting improved dramatically, plus much less recoil. I still use o/u and a semi auto.
  6. mole traps

    Aye they are a bit too much along the body. These were used out of the box a few years back and I do bend the triggers nowadays.
  7. mole traps

    These are flatpack...
  8. Mole Method Statement !!!

    Every 24hrs to check traps??? Nonsense.
  9. Pesky squirrel

    Just a box with a simple lid, a hole in each End, Fenn in the middle. Job done.
  10. Still No Real Answers To This

    They are asking for £176 as a donation for a trail camera. They need to shop at Aldi....
  11. conibear pans

    They have been here a while, called Bodygrip traps but with single sprung arm. Yes, they are very effective.
  12. Shot Foxes Needed

  13. Live Rabbit Traps

    In a line from hedge line towards feeding areas. I use carrots and cabbage sliced up.
  14. Squirrels

    As of September 2015 the use of Warfarin against squirrels was banned.
  15. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Where you place them in relation to where the rabbits are moving around is key. Place them in a line opposite hedge/ditch etc where they would be moving towards their feeding area.