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  1. HW 100 KS .22 at work on the wood pigeons today.

    Well done once more mark All the very best for you and yours
  2. Quick wander before dark

    Good images, post and spot on shooting mattwhite All the very best mate
  3. New member looking for land

    Welcome and pleasant times Good luck
  4. Paratrooper

    Try asking bigmac 97kt All the very best
  5. Tuning

    You will find all you need on YouTube. That is common knowledge and not a controversial statement. If you are hoping to up the power to FAC without having FAC then you are in the wrong place in my opinion. If that is not the case and you are having low power issue with you Rifle then talk to SMK or you locale RFD. As to hunting with Air Rifles the lads have given you Top notch common sense and advice. All the very best
  6. Tuned lgu

    That is your opinion mate. Don,t like it don't read it. All the very best
  7. Hi

    Welcome and pleasant times
  8. Knowing what some people are like .......

    Must be a West Ham supporter All the very best

    When did you put is on your Christmas list mac "March?" As to one of those days, i have had them for the past week mate. All the very best for you and yours.
  10. Tuned lgu

    I did not think that anyone said that the rifle was crap si brown mate, or that anyone was having a go at anyone else. My comment was about a hypothetical person who is happy with their rifle saying to others if you think the rifle i shoot is crap that is fine as it is my crap. Those who want to tune or just tweak any Rifle i say good for you, and yes i would hazard a guess that most in our day of my age group have taken apart and put back together again a Spring Air Rifle. Not a new thing, would I do it now? no. All the very best mate
  11. Static Hunting with the HW100 KT .177

    Well done mark and Kaiser. All the very best for you and yours mate
  12. Tuned lgu

    You will get no arguments from me mattwhite nor will any of the other lads, if i took things the wrong way, i would as I suspect you would not also be here. I do hope by now that every one knows that my view is if you are selling something then it should be fit for purpose. The cheapest rifle if one has the luck to find it can be the best ever. Some see the achievements of others with a tuned Rifle but never stop to thing about the hard work that it took and takes to get to that point. All the very best mate
  13. Nv screen green filter

    Anything like this will do, just fit to size http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neewer-8PCS-12x12-Transparent-Color-Square-Correction-Light-Gel-Filter-Set/201533854327?epid=2255583901&hash=item2eec5a9277:g:1kIAAOSwA3dYY2jB All the very best
  14. Tuned lgu

    Come on mac mate, did i say that a tuned Rifle is no good. All the very best
  15. Tuned lgu

    VM mate I am not saying that it is not better in some hands. The point is most who watch VerminHuntersTV will never own a tuned Rifle and that goes for most who are on here The Hunting Life but do not comment. The lads here are as far as I know all competent and beyond as marksman and hunters. I am saying to the rest become competent with the Rifle you have now and then progress if you want later. Getting a tuned Rifle will not make you a better marksman if one has not put in the time, In my opinion. All the very best for you and yours mate P.S My hands are not working well with the keyboard today lads. I apologise for correcting all my mistakes