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  1. 3rd time lucky

    Good bag, well done big napper All the very best
  2. Preperation and timing for the perfect ambush.

    You will be on them that is for sure Mark. All the very best for you and yours
  3. New (ish) member

    Welcome and pleasant times
  4. Hello all

    Welcome and pleasant times
  5. Who's this

    Get one of the admin to have a look at him, her? All the very best
  6. THL Meet 2018

    Have fun All the very best
  7. DS .308 concept

    What would be the point for the UK market? Projectile that big, then why not a centrefire? Just my opinion All the very best
  8. Recommendations please ?

    If you have a good camera shop near you then go and ask to try some out. All the very best
  9. Bessy.

    Good bag Underdog. Get well soon mate. All the very best
  10. Newby

    Welcome and pleasant times
  11. Good Day Mates!

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  12. Hi from Whitby

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  13. Happy is all one can ask for meg1. enjoy mate All the very best
  14. An evening at the Swede's!

    Well done secretagentmole, good bag mate. All the very best
  15. New scope

    Very happy is all one can ask for philpot. Enjoy for many a good day mate, good hunting All the very best