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  1. Hi all

    Welcome and pleasant times
  2. Viz,s s410f walnut stock

    Looking good Mac, no surprise. All the very best for you and yours mate
  3. As it went dark...

    You should be ashamed of yourself letting a Squirrel take your Firearm away from you. All the very best Underdog
  4. Mixy " Disgusts and infuriates me "

    Like many actions in pest control, farming, wars and so on, short term thinking and not any regard or thought for any unforeseen or seen consequences. In just my opinion that is. All the very best
  5. Air Arms Pro Sport .177 goes hunting.

    Well done and good shooting Mark. Being happy is what it is all about. All the very best for you and yours.
  6. S.O.G.O.F

    Was thinking about him the other day, comes to mind every now and then, Hope is family are well. Rest In Peace
  7. S.O.G.O.F

    Good feelings are always welcome. Always something new every time. Keeps the Buzz. Well done Rabid, lots forget just how far Forty Yards is. All the very best
  8. Bad Weather = ( Maintenance Time )

    Well done on both counts. All the very best
  9. First time out with the hide

    Enjoy and good shooting. All the very best
  10. Hello all

    Welcome and pleasant times
  11. Beat the beast before the weekend

    Well done mattwhite. All the very best
  12. Happy St Patrick Day To All Our Irish Friends Around The World. All the very best for one and all
  13. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    The one that you feel most at ease with. All the very best
  14. FAC law?

    https://www.isonharrison.co.uk/blog/shotgun-and-firearm-licensing-appeals All the very best
  15. Whats everyone think to the Brocock Commander?

    Many are going down this way with rifle design, as with the FX good luck to them but not for me. If I wanted a bottle Rifle I would have gotten a BSA R10 SE in ether .177, .22, or .25. I like my BSA Ultra SE in .22 and My Two Scorpion SE in .177 and .25. But that is me. Good luck to Brocock and all Air Rifle Manufacturers. All the very best for one and all