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    Nothing much to say other than another one up to your usual standard old pal. Phil

    Really very nice Si and similar to the Streamline. Now please tell me two things, firstly what scope is that, looks just what I want for my AA 200t when I am not target shooting with it, ie not too big, is it AO side focus, I can't quite see as my bloody screen has a blue cast for the last couple of days, on it's way out I think. The NV spotter, is that one made by 'Some Bloke' on NV forum. Phil
  3. Very nice but a very low shot count. I love the stock. Phil
  4. Tuning

    I agree with Mitch, change your pellets. In .22 the Falcon accuracy Plus shoot well in most guns or AA Fields / JSB Exacts We all buy loads of pellet makes / types and test them at the ranges we shoot as this is the ONLY way to see which pellet produces the best grouping on paper. Once you find which is the best pellet for your gun, stick with them. If your pal uses another pellet that doesn't mean it will give the best performance in your gun so always test for your own gun. Rest your gun on a bean bag or bipod and either shoot from a stable bench or prone on the ground in order to ensure the gun / pellet does it's job without movement from you, this will help give consistent results. Phil
  5. With my .25 Impact I zero way shorter than most at 25mt because on one perm the shooting is very close so are the rats at another perm and my local RFD has a 25mt indoor range so it is handy. At 60mt I am half a mildot holdover so not really an issue but on my Rapid .22 fac, I zero at 40mt as the pellet flight is nowhere near as flat as the .25. Phil
  6. Tuning

    Firstly, a goose has a huge amount of feathers and even shotgun loads don't always get through but more than this, geese are NOT a bird on the general list for air rifle shooting. I know geese have been shot with air rifles but you need to be very close taking a head shot but in all honesty..................................leave well alone. It sounds like you need more experience to gain the accuracy rather than gun tuning and that means 'range time' to get to the level you want. Many of the members on here are able to hit a 10p coin at 60 - 70 yds but that doesn't mean they will shoot live quarry at that range although that range is quite possible but not without your own ability. You need to be able to take head shots for ALL your live quarry, NO body shots. It would be a help if you can tell us what power level it has by checking with a chrono. If you don't have a chrono, most gun dealers do and will test the gun while you wait either for free or a small charge. When you know this, the members will be better able to give advice based on the information you give us. Phil
  7. Help needed

    I sold most of my rifles as I use the Impact on every occasion BUT I wished I had kept one just as an alternative or back up. I have an S200 t split stock for target shooting and toying with popping on a small scope just for ratting when I find a suitable scope. Anyone got a small side focus or AO scope they want to sell ideally s/f Phil
  8. Nv screen green filter

    I use this at times but is also available in green on the bay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAR-56-019-FIRE-RED-Lighting-Filter-Colour-Effects-Gel-Theatre-DJ-Party-Lights/160955686620?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Phil
  9. OpticfireXC or Nightmaster 800

    Welcome to the forum Karl. I have the Optic Fire T20 and T50 size and my pal has the T67 size, all very good but I have no knowledge of the nightmaster. My son in law is using my T20 with a DIY NV for ratting which works a treat and I have the T50 to extend range on my NiteSite Viper NV which does extremely well. Hope that helps
  10. I have an FX Impact .25 running at 47fpe using Air Arms Field pellets, 25.4gr which I find to be an excellent combination for producing tight groups and loads of killing power out to 90mt taking rabbits up to this range with no problem. The Impact also has a 16 shot magazine which is very handy at night. I just love using this gun. Hope that helps. Phil

    Mitch, I only know of three other FX Impact FAC users all on .22 whereas mine is .25 and none of them or me has had any issues as far as I know. Ian B on this forum has the FAC Not the Impact but a Royale which again from his posts seems to be a sound gun. As a side note Mitch, my wife has just received her FAC ticket along with her shotgun certificate renewal after about 4 months so you must be pretty close mate. Phil
  12. The big fella got his own back!

    Good on yer AGAIN big lad. That must be the longest stumpy around, that really doesn't sound right Phil

    I must just be lucky then....................................................................I don't think so. Phil
  14. NV holdover

    Thanks Mitch for the heads up. I have found a ward on a mamba scope for sale and now rapid's pulsar ...........................................sorry guys limited cash and really need to get my head round this BUT I would thank you all for your input. Phil