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  1. Do not buy anything off D.B all junk he breeds shi*t and talks sh*t too
  2. ferrets and nets nicked

    I hate anything getting stolen but when its a pet its way worse! Dirty scum hope you get them back mate and the thief gets sorted out! All the best
  3. Lost Lurcher

    Sorry to hear that mate im gutted for you, looks like he had a good life while it lasted and thats credit to you! All the best mate
  4. working homes required

    Fair play to you mate, hopefully whoever they have gone to will appreciate what you have given them and give them a fair chance and possibly help you out in the future if ever needed!
  5. Two Bobcock dog pups looking for homes

    Cracking pups mate!
  6. Lost Lurcher

    I hope hes still alive and well mate he looks in top condition credit to you! Fingers crossed mate
  7. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Cracking mate fair play!
  8. Bellman and Flint

    Out with a mate last night had the same discussion he swears by the pieps box as he has had trouble with the red box i guess everyone has different good/bad experiences and therefore different opinions on each, all the best mate
  9. New home needed

    Hi mate how much are the lot? And where are you based? Thanks
  10. Bellman and Flint

    I have used mine for years and never had a problem so far and its showing its fair signs of use now !
  11. Bellman and Flint

    Personally i love the red box never been let down so far
  12. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Thats Great news for you mate nothing better than seeing a pup come on well all the best mate
  13. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Hes out of my mates dogs he got s good old bunch there in fairness and all the dogs out of his stuff seem to come real good dogs
  14. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Thanks mate im well happy with him i got his brother too hes coming on well just a little behind the black and tan dogs maturity
  15. 2 patterdale

    How come your selling them this time of year mate they will not be short for people wanting to buy them thats for sure might know a genuine bloke to buy them if you havent sold them send me a pm all the best