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  1. Chancey

    Smashing, does me everytime πŸ˜‚ smashing rabbits... Feck me, there's broken shards up n down the country πŸ˜‚
  2. Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    Cheers for link but fuk me take it down if tomo sees the prices he will have a shift lol and trigger well he might burst in to flamesπŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ hadnt looked at the prices.
  3. Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    https://wolfeyes.com.au/wolf-eyes-seal-led-hunting-torches-spotlight That's a torch
  4. 43 In The Monday Night Storm

    Cracking night by looks of it.
  5. On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Cracking bag lads. Well done the dogs
  6. Discount Off All Items

    Lol do you want nice pink one mate got Collars to match lolLol I'm ok dai.i carry a few bits of bread and butter mate.nothing goes to waste lolπŸ˜‚ class
  7. Rear Leg Flick

    Anyone ever experienced the hock area on rear leg look like it's flicking out... Is it hyper extension of the hock? Saw vids and it does look similar but leg doesnt flex extreme as vids so maybe milder version? Not effecting the dog in anyway. Looks like his foot twists as he pushes off...
  8. Beardie/border Collie Greys

    My old beardy border grey was coming on well until 3 year old and then I don't know what happened. Was a total dick head of a dog. Now have a border x grey and live a much happier life πŸ˜‚ But then again there are some good out there, just depends how much hair u have left. Atb with pup
  9. Lamps

    what do you think of the build quality mate, used my plr 500 maybe a dozen times, and it's finished, want something better made this timemy 120 I had off d Lloyd has been slung about everywhere and it's not made a difference. The head of the lamp is metal as well, very sturdy I find.
  10. Out With The Pups

    I like them dogs you keep lurcher lad, cracking
  11. Warning

    How the f**k you know it's Welsh lads.. Only Welsh boys poach do they πŸ˜‚ f**k, I know boys way up north that come down south n take all sorts. Stop crying about it, either that or let us know the nearest village so I can spread the word
  12. She’S Getting Better

    Nice one. Penny will drop mate. Was out with my dog othernight ran like 6 rabbits and all of them should of been caught, was all over them like a rash. I wasn't going home until he had atleast one lol he then caught the next 3 like he's been doing it all along and retrieved em live to hand. Was over the moon. Good luck with her.. Any pics
  13. Lamps

    The 120 handy little lamp I think, just the battery life is 1hour compared to the 150s 4 hour I think. 150 tighter beam, 120 is like 170 striker type beam but 120 is a smaller head.
  14. Running A Pup- How Much Is Too Much?

    Last thing u want is a 17week pup grabbing a squirrel.. It will bite the f****r hard lol I'd just get the dog out alone aswell put some training in, basic three really, retrieve, stock and recall. Enjoy the pup. Personally I try not to show mine anything until 12 months and then only few runs etc. But others go out from 6 months and give them runs etc... Few go wrong, few keep it up. It's entirely the risk u take yourself. Good luck
  15. Hampshire Hunting..

    go run yours over jais and see if they come back with out a injury lolJais land is the same as my land only twenty minuets away ... you've obviously got soft arse dogs lol ....See you down there end the season Iv seen 10 plus dogs run it and not one come off not injured actually one dog my Hancock pupquick... Ban him. Can't say any praise of the cock dogs πŸ˜‚ What dogs does jai use to work the farm.