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  1. Clothes

    £560 quid , they are £950 in the uk ! we don't half get ripped off
  2. Clothes

    I had pods too, until my terrier pup chewed them, I was gutted, at least she didn't touch my ADIDAS
  3. Clothes

    Kappa ski jacket, kickers, farah slacks and a pringle jumper for me.. I used ti rinse the parents every september
  4. Dogs heads studies

    My pup at 8 months
  5. New Season Of Peaky Blinders

    I like it, I thought the start of the new series was really good. Loved taboo too and Narcos.
  6. Clothes

    Exactly mate. I'm no youngster anymore .. I have 12 pairs of brogues, the mrs goes nuts as I have more shoes than her.. about 40 pairs without trainers.
  7. Clothes

    Nice thread. I'm too fat for the old collection of Stone Island, Boss and Fila originals Borg stuff. I am nowadays more of a Barbour, Joules , Thyritt shirts and blazers type of bloke . Classic polos, classic smedley knitwear and brogues is me. I do like Goodwin Smith shoes though, even better as I have a contact for them. Nearly 46 and now accepted that classical looks are better for me. I do have a burberry holdall the ex wife spent £800 on, on my card. I took it out of protest when I left and she trashed a £1000 malt whiskey collection !!! It's chav as feck with the check all over it but it has stood up to some hammer.
  8. Cruciate ligament damage.

    Sad to read but you did the right thing
  9. Couple days on the moors

    Superb, glad you guys had a good time .
  10. Mooching with kids and dog

  11. Return to lamping

    I use one with my pup, beam fades after a couple of 100 m but they are light, last well and once you get used to the colour of the light do the job. The 170 is a far better lamp though .
  12. Absolutely Heartbroken

    true gentliman
  13. Sand ,dos and donts

    What an excellent thread .
  14. Rip poppy

    Sorry to read this Lee, i had been following the pups progress. Sometimes , despite all our best efforts fate deals us a shit hand. I think it's bad form and timing for people to be having a dig. We weren't there . Chin up mucker.