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  1. Poly tunnel then edible flowers they fetch good money mate, heritage tomatoes etc. Watch them goats mate they will eat any thing and they love bark of the trees. Good luck Cheers Arry
  2. If st george done bbq,s

    Now thats the way to do it. Bet a few beers went down with that lot. Cheers Arry
  3. Beesands Damage

    Had a go last week but the water was dirty, typical blanked. Quite a lot of anglers there not one fish, thats fishing. Some thing interesting chatting to one of the local old boys who does a few pots etc, he reckons there was a school of Tuna chasing anchovies about a week ago. Not large ones but about two foot long could be a bit of fun for the kayak boys, don't know if there still around. He reckoned the anchovies have been there all winter though and the Terns were working the tide line about a hundred yards of the beach when I was there. Then the family rang up to ask what the bird were diving on at Beesands a few days later so the bait fish are there in numbers. Cheers Arry
  4. Sparrowhawk's

    Excellent shots that mate very sharp. Cheers Arry
  5. Spring lamb

    Rack of lamb got to be one of my favourite's, I hate parsnips though the rest look fantastic mate. I put a strip of tin foil over the ends of the bones to stop them burning. Cheers Arry
  6. Scorcher

    Nice that Mate, lucky you don't live near me i would be hopping over the fence Lol. Cheers Arry
  7. Old trap ( gin trap )

    I know my father used set them when he was young, He would be about 90 if he was still around. I think there were two sizes for rabbits and a smaller one for rats. I found some on a farm tip when I was a young I cleaned them up with a wire brush polished the little brass triggers painted them matt black and sold them to an dealer. I kept a couple of the small rat ones and set them down the bottom of the garden as a neighbour kept budgies and the rat used to run the fence line, about 2 o'clock in the morning I got hoofed out of bed and a slap around the back of my head " you've got a gin set haven't you, get down there and sort it" . Yea I got a rat but it wasn't dead and it was screaming its head off and at 2 o'clock in the morning it didn't half sound loud. Funny how just seeing that picture brought all that flooding back like it was yesterday. Cheers Arry
  8. Back in q

    Handsome bit of grub that mate, keep that Stella nice pint of Jail Ale for me real ale brewed at Princetown. Cheers Arry
  9. Big Cat Sighting

    There was a foal killed in Cornwall in August 2016 which was thought to be a big cat kill as large paw print were also found. Cheers Arry
  10. Used to be self employed ground worker did loads of slabbing probably why my back gives me jip. Any way came up with a box for jointing you need 4"x 4" timber cut length way on the diagonal it used to come in cut like that for feather edge fencing. You need two pieces about the length of you slab set about 1/2" apart slopes facing each other 2 bits of plywood 8 and a half inches long for the ends so you have a box sloping inwards ( fxck wish i could draw this ). Then another piece of ply about 8"x 4" roughly but smaller than the size of your joints, make up some semidry sand a cement a hand full squeezed together should stay in a ball. Lay over the joint fill with mix and stuff in with the odd bit of ply, iron the joint with bit of pipe or brickie's pointing iron, do not brush of until dry or you will mark the slabs, best on a dry day. Hope you can under stand all this it as really works and you get a good joint as it mushrooms out under the slab and helps stop the joint from blowing. Cheers Arry
  11. That Dartford Warbler is a belter mate that is so sharp, the others are good as well but love that one. Cheers Arry
  12. Big Cat Sighting

    I think is a dam shame really all the slagging and insults, Greyman is a believer in what he's doing and out there trying to proving it. Not just sat behind a PC collecting data. If it gets you out in the countryside doing what you what to do then good on him. Better we help him out by feeding little bits of info we might come across. I know more country men that have seen big cats than have not, unfortunately i'm one who has not seen one. Just because I haven't does not me a none believer, it would be calling loads of friend liars. I think most of know when somebody spinning a yarn, so i'll keep believing my friends and keep my eye open. Cheers Arry
  13. Would say a Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler I can never tell the difference between them two. Lol. I would be interested if somebody could tell me. But then again would I remember the next time I saw one. Cheers Arry
  14. Big Cat Sighting

    They are different animals in different places all be it about 15 years ago, some distance between the two cats. At this time there were a lot of sightings at Sparkwell (Dartmoor Zoo) it was reported keepers used to see big cats on the out side of the wire. A mate of mine saw one at Wrangaton not far from the zoo the police helicopter took a pretty convincing thermal video at Wrangaton after more sightings. A farmer where I fish on the Salcombe estuary used to see the tan coloured one and my fishing and ferreting mate and his daughter saw one laid in the road a mile from his farm. Three sighting on a farm at Moreleigh were the black one, then may be this cat seemed to travel over towards Torbay as there were sightings all around the bay. Which I remember as thinking strange why such a built up area , but of course there is Paignton Zoo I don't know how far cats can pick up scent. What I do know is all my friends that have seen them I would class as good country men and I 100% believe them, even though I have never seen one my self. Cheers Arry
  15. Big Cat Sighting

    Have not seen them for a while as their farm was hit bad by mixey. But if i'm out that way i'll call in see how they feel about it. It was at least 15 years ago and at that time there were sighting every week mainly a black one but down near East Portlemouth there was sightings of a tan coloured one. If I hear of any fresh sighting i'll let you know. Cheers Arry