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  1. Beddy crosses of the 90’s

    Anyone ever put a good coursing dog to one of these small beddo types ? old man had a bitch of this breeding could kill a hare.
  2. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    When people first put there logburners on in autumn means its getting closer lol
  3. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Yer linnet with blackbird a close second 👍🏻
  4. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    The geese on the move n munties barking.
  5. First taste of feather ....

    If you dont fancy a hot curry try a murg rezala not as gay as a korma lol. Nice to see a bird ignore pheasant and partridges then at the end of a walk go into pointer mode and snap a couple up.
  6. Getting fed up

    Lads i moved to an area with me ferrets and a dog that knew the rabbiting game well it was a crap area for rabbits but plenty of birds rats and squrriels so me my dog n ferrets would be ratting or shooting or flushing roe. I could walk past rabbits now and no longer own ferrets but theres plenty other things that can keep your dogs busy 👍🏻
  7. Staffy Bull

    Is the top pic scotsmans max ? Aint read through the thread.
  8. Half cross bull greyhound

    Nice to see some still about not seen many past couple years most are lurchers with abit of bull. jeemes what area are you from roughly please ?
  9. Tuning

    Ive dropped loads of ducks and geese and even more game birds the waterfowl are far more sporting than rabbits or rats and a good bit of fitness for me dog getting them to hand 👍🏻
  10. " Show us your guns " !

    John baz some collection there especially the multipumpers wich are a favourite of mine. Could you tell me what silencer is on the innova please ?
  11. Coursing bitch

    A pic can be decieving but just from that id say youve got her looking very well credit to you 👍🏻 If its not a problem in your area then fair enough like i say its caused me enough hassle in the past so now even when feeding bones and flesh my dogs go on a chain so they cant walk off with it but if youve never had problems each to his own 👍🏻
  12. Coursing bitch

    Well down here in the south its rife northernlite as im sure some members will tell you. If the feller wants to feed on the floor upto him no concern of mine just pointing out thats a sure way to catch lungworm.
  13. Coursing bitch

    Any good ? Mustve seen a couple at that age. Looks nice not too salukified just seen the biscuits on the floor whats that about ? Sure way to make sure your dog gets lungworm.