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  1. C.green

    Nuttalls Copper

    Spot on that. Ive seen videos of nuttal must be walking twenty plus terriers all off leash and they were well behaved from what i remember.
  2. C.green


    Nice one feller i been thinking along the same lines myself keeping her working nice n close at the minute.
  3. C.green


    Does using them alongside lurchers affect the gun work ?
  4. C.green


    Lurchers looking well ken. Bet u have some sport with them
  5. C.green


    Haha id say this springers cocker like but i do like some of the small strong cockers you see about cracking little animals. Next time round ill deffo be looking for a well bread strong cocker but i had the opportunity to try this small springer n so far so good nice little animal to have about less stressful than the lurchers thats for sure easy to enjoy a nice evening walk with.
  6. C.green


    Cheers for that fella. Choice was sort of made for me in the end got myself a small springer bitch early days yet but well see how it goes.
  7. Could someone please tell me what the main difference is between cockers and springers please ? Ive a soft spot for cockers but alot of lads ive spoken too say go with the springer. And has anyone seen a spaniel that can be worked nicely on a shoot but also worked freely alongside lurchers ?
  8. C.green

    Springer x Stafford

    Ive seen some good bull cross small terriers or pure bulls work would love to see a springer x bull or similar.
  9. C.green

    Protection Dogs ?

    Talking of dog bites i know a lad messes with alot of alsations malis n herders few folks come on this site know him. hes just waiting to have an opp due to a bite from a poxy lurcher
  10. C.green

    RIP Tegan

    Sorry to hear about the old bitch sounds like she served you well.
  11. C.green

    Lithium batteries

    Must be just mine then as its deff lost some power n spoken to people about similar before.
  12. C.green

    Lithium batteries

    What sort of use are you lads getting out these lithium batteries and how long before they start losing power ? Had a deben one a good while its had some stick but isnt nearly as powerful as it was. Ive heard some folks say the yellows much better then debens aswell ?
  13. C.green


    Glad hes back and wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do. Most folk either love him or love to hate him but whatever you think he deserves abit of credit.
  14. C.green

    Staffy Bull

    Any of the real small staffs about ?
  15. C.green

    American Bulldog mauls owner

    Think theres a big difference in a dog regularly trained to a womens overwieght bulldog getting hold of her. In the womens situation i quite fancy me chances but a real tasty dog coming at ya looking to do harm i don think theres many be doing anything else other than squeling and trying not to move too much lol.