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The Art Of Hunting With Dogs
May 05 2014  https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1.0-9/1962862_10153890012790487_1263417248_n.jpg     Hunting and man's relationship with his hunting dogs have ensured o...

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A Hard Earned First
Mar 31 2013  First off I would like to say a massive thank you to my good friend Mr M for giving me the chance to shoot my first ever deer (and for the ham sandwhich) and also to Ben who was my guide for the day for his patience and utter determination through out the day (We ain't going back with out a deer mush).

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The Extremes of Hunting With Terriers
Aug 09 2013  The Extremes of Hunting With Terriers The events in this article happened before the ban was implemented.......... I hunt with terriers..........Sending a single terrier to ground to l...

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Another Cracking Day
Apr 28 2011  I had a word with the keeper yesterday and he asked if we would ferret a hedgerow half a mile down the road from me, it was along side the main road so the dogs would be limited. We got t...

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The Joy of Traps
Nov 06 2013  If you’ve been drawn to this site through a love of guns or dogs you might find a passion for trapping a bit eccentric, or even a bit bizarre. So please allow me, if you will, a couple of hundred words to try and explain just how important traps are in the greater scheme of things. I hope I’ll convince you, and maybe even convert you.

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Deerhunter Ram Trousers
Nov 14 2011  The Deerhunter Ram trousers are good all round hunting trousers, they feature micro fibre fabric which is soft and silent whilst still being strong enough to take abuse in the field. The...

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Man Ultimate Predator, and Amateur Vegetable.
Jun 09 2012  The ego, with it's insatiable appetite for more, compelled Man to vanquish all those who would dare threaten him. Their predatory prowess, perceived as a challenge and an affront to h...

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Step by Step Guide to Butchering a Deer..........
Nov 25 2011  Step by step guide to butchering a deer....... Right,I have put this together so it might be of help to someone while they are trying to butcher their Deer,this is a Roe in the pics,but,...

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The Siskin
Jan 03 2011  THE SISKIN. Introduction. Of all the native birds I have kept I have to say that the siskin is my favourite because of its mischievous demeanour its always the first whether it be to the...