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Hunting Its Spiritual and Mythological Connec...

Mar 08 2012 11:04 am | milegajo in Hunting & Country Life

It is often a source of amusement as well as puzzlement to me, when I encounter individuals who grimace or display a squeamishness whenever my hunting and butchery comes up in conversation. My amusement has a wry edge to it as the first question to my...

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How I Came To Love Lurchers and Hunting

Mar 03 2012 01:24 pm | Ratter69 in Working Dogs

Eh up folks, just thought I'd introduce my self with a story on how I came to love Lurchers and hunting, hope you like it! I was born in the late 1960s into a large family that lived in an even larger town in the north west of England, my fath...

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Food From the Fields, Not the Aisles.

Feb 19 2012 04:47 pm | milegajo in Hunting & Country Life

Hunting is without doubt, an ancient and natural practice. In fact it is more than that. It is most definitely an art. What one could term as the 'usual' or 'mainstream' Joe Blogs does not have to creep along hedgerows, crouch in a hid...

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No Bull

Dec 23 2011 01:30 am | Moll. in Working Dogs

Just a shivery little whippet. Just a little tale about drive/heart, whatever you want to call it. I aquired some new land to do pest control when Boo was still a youngster 4 seasons ago, it is a mix of manicured lawns, large flower beds, sheep field...

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Adding Forum Images Using Photobucket

Dec 15 2011 07:54 pm | Malt in News

First off you will need a Photobucket account. http://photobucket.com/ Once your account is activated, you must first upload any picture you want to share. Uploading to Photobucket Firstly, click on the green 'Upload' button which is lo...

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Starting a Lurcher Pup Lamping

Dec 07 2011 04:17 am | wild rover in Working Dogs

Having read many articles in the Countrymans over the last few years regarding the subject of starting young lurchers lamping, I decided to throw in my two penneth, much advice has been given in the past but no detailed methods of preparing young dogs...

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Step by Step Guide to Butchering a Deer..........

Jan 16 2009 09:20 pm | martin in Game Cooking & Recipes

Step by step guide to butchering a deer....... Right,I have put this together so it might be of help to someone while they are trying to butcher their Deer,this is a Roe in the pics,but,it would be exactly the same for all species of Deer,and,it just...

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